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Swami Ji

Swami Ji with 13 years Swami Balendu was born on 14th October 1971 in Vrindavan. His Father Balakram Sharan is a famous preacher and, spiritually, a very advanced personality. He has devoted all his life to spiritual pursuits, to the raising of moral standards and to spreading the message of truth and knowledge. Swami Ji's grandfather Sri Bindu ji was a widely known speaker, scholar, writer, musician and poet. He was invited several times by Mahatma Gandhi to give lectures. Sri Bindu ji Maharaj gave lectures where up to two Million people attended. Therefore Swami ji grew up in this religious atmosphere of deep spirituality.

Swami Ji with 23 years

Learning from his father, Swami Ji gave his first spiritual lectures at the tender age of 9. Until the age of 25 he travelled throughout India, giving lectures in front of many followers and disciples. He spent time periods of up to three months practicing maun, silence, sometimes retreated in a forest and sometimes in normal daily life.

In 1996 Swami Balendu founded an Ashram at Vrindavan, the Shree Bindu Sewa Sansthan Ashram. On the Ashram premises an underground cave was built which Swami Ji entered on the 10th September 1997. In this cave he spent the following three years and 108 days fully isolated from the world, doing Mantra meditation in the effort to find a deeper truth.

Swami Ji at the Ashram

The man who emerged from the cave on the 24th December 2000 may not have changed much regarding his outer appearance but his view on the world had changed a lot during this retreat. He did not want to live the life of a guru anymore. He saw that nobody is higher or lower, better or worse, than anybody else. He just wanted to be a friend and share love with anyone who needs it.

He started travelling throughout the world together with his brother Yashendu Goswami, giving lectures, counselling sessions and more, thus helping people to get clarity about their lives, and find mental and emotional peace.

Ramona and Swami Ji Swami Ji believes in living in honesty and this is how he was honest in the time before the cave when he was living as a guru and also after coming out of the cave. Many changes happened in the time after the cave and Swami Balendu accepted them as they came because he knows that change is a sign of developing yourself and your mind. Over the course of time, he did not only turn away from guruism but also from religion and god! He became a strong atheist, writing against religion and belief in god, as he now sees both as helping exploitation and furthering poverty! Today, Balendu is married to Ramona, who became a part of his life in 2007 and has a daughter, Apra, born in 2012. Together with them and his family he wants to spend his life in helping others troughout the world.

School children praying The funds that they raise with activities out of India fully support the children charity projects of his Ashram Shree Bindu Sewa Sansthan in Vrindavan. Next to the Ashram he founded the Swami Balendu e.V. Kindergarten in 2007 and just one year later the Swami Balendu e.V. primary school just with the aim to help children. Poor children of the neighbourhood have the chance to get free education, food and everything that they need for the school absolutely for free so that their parents do not have to bear a financial burden.


Swami Balendu wants to be a friend and help those in need. If he can help you in any way he will be very happy.

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