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Vrindavan is situated in North India about 151 km south of Delhi. With its 5000 temples and Indian ashrams it is one of India’s main pilgrim cities - also due to the mythological belief that the Hindu God Krishna spent his childhood there.


Shree Bindu Sewa Sansthan Ashram in India

In 1995 Swami Balendu founded an Ashram in his hometown Vrindavan. On this land he built an underground cave which he entered in 1997 to spend the following three years and 108 days in meditation. Today the Ashram is home not only to him and his family but also to a number of children. They come from poor families who cannot afford their living or education and they thus become part of the Ashram family. They live at the Ashram which means that their families are free of this financial pressure. Additionally the students learn and grow in a positive and loving environment.

They go to the Swami Balendu e.V. Primary School right next to the building of the cave in the Ashram. The school was opened to provide education to children of poor families of Vrindavan. You can help the Ashram helping these children if you sponsor a child or the food for a day.

The Ashram is very open, friendly and hospitable. The rooms are fully air conditioned and have bathroom and shower facilities. There is also a beautiful lawn and patio. Any interested visitor to India is welcome to visit and stay at the Ashram.

Activities at the Ashram - Yoga Retreats, Ayurveda Holidays or your own Classes

Swami Ji's cave

You are welcome at the Ashram at any time, be it for a retreat, to do yoga, to receive Ayurveda treatments or to meet us and the children of our school.

If you are looking for a Yoga Ashram in India, you are also right with us.

Throughout the year there are several retreats, Yoga and Ayurveda holidays, Yoga Teacher Trainings and you are also welcome to bring your group and let the Ashram be your spiritual retreat center for your retreats and classes. Unlike some other Indian Ashrams we also see ourselves as a wellness retreat center, a place to relax and get back to full strength.

Visitors are free to spend their time as they please. You may wish to sit in the peace and tranquillity of the Ashram and enjoy the wonderful energy. You can also visit Swami Balendu’s cave, where he spent over three and half years in mantra meditation.

You may also like to visit some of Vrindavan’s many temples, other Indian ashrams or markets.

Delicious meals are served and shared in a very loving way at the Ashram.

Principles of Ashrams in India in General and Ours in Particular


The principle of Ashrams in India is to share our food, room, our feelings and our love. And we love to share! An Ashram should always be a sharing place to stay for any visitor! We are not a hotel nor do we make business in order to enrich ourselves. From experience we have learned that we have to ask our guests to share with us by covering their costs so that we do not have extra expenses through their stay and keep alive the concept of the Ashram.

Costs involved with staying at the Ashram

Many people are working here to keep the building and the garden as nice and clean as they are. Our children charity projects are growing and we would like to invite more and more people to come and see what we have already achieved. To be able to maintain this we ask every guest to cover the expenses of their living.

In any case, before you come to stay at the Ashram, please fill this form and let us know for how long you will stay. When filling this form, there are two possibilities:

Of course you are most welcome to give a donation on top. For everyone there is another appropriate amount. Our children will thank you from their hearts and with their smiles.

Is this the right Ashram for me?

There are thousands of Ashrams in India and it can be confusing when you sit at home, looking at their websites, trying to decide which one you should visit. Many Ashrams have strict rules while others are more free. In our Ashram you can feel free to simply be yourself. You do not need to wear anything specific or cover your head or shoulders, you do not need to get up at a certain time in the morning and there are no ceremonies that are compulsory to attend.

All visitors are welcome. We are especially happy to open our doors for people who feel a connection with the Ashram and who are interested in our projects and activities. We do not welcome people who are related with any sect and their manipulating activities.

In his Ashram blog, Swami Ji writes about his Ashram, the life there, how Ashrams were traditionally, what they are now and why our Ashram is special. You can also read what he writes about his hometown in his Vrindavan blog.

Two of these diary entries we would like to highlight and recommend every visitor to read before their stay at our Ashram:

Whom we do not welcome in the Ashram

8 Types of People who are not Welcome at the Ashram

Whom we heartily welcome in the Ashram

14 Types of People who are Always Welcome at the Ashram

Coming to the Ashram

Now you have read everything there is to say about our Ashram and we would like to welcome you to come and visit whenever you are in Vrindavan. As you have read above, we will ask you to cover your expenses. To get to know how much this amount would be and whether there is space at the Ashram in the time period that you want to come, please fill this form. The earlier you let us know that you will come, the better. It makes it easier for us to plan and it is more probable that we will have a room free for you to stay.

Read our travel to India page for your own planning and more information about climate, visa, money, vaccinations and much more.

Click here to let us know when you are planning to come

Read experiences of visitors at the Ashram and participants of our retreats


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Shree Bindu Sewa Sansthan
Sant Bindu ji Marg (Parikrama Marg)
Ram Nagar, Vrindavan-281121 (U.P.) India
Phone: +91-565-2442374 , Fax: +91-565-2442374 , Mobile:+91-9997710000


Delhi -150 km
Agra -70 km
Mathura -12 km

How to get to Vrindavan

Taxi -from Delhi to Vrindavan it is a drive of approximately 3 hours
Bus -from Sarai Kale Khan (Delhi), approximately 3½ hours
Train -from New Delhi Station or Nizamuddin Station to Mathura, from Mathura Station to Vrindavan, 2½ to 3 hours


October to March -Winter (Peak Season)
April to June - Summer
July to September - Rainy (Monsoon)

Temples in Vrindavan

The major temples are Bankey Bihari temple, Govind Dev temple, Radha Raman ji temple, Rang Ji temple, Radha Vallabh temple, Madan Mohan Ji temple and Pagal Baba temple.

Other attractions

Boat tours on the Yamuna at Khesi Ghat, markets and gardens in Vrindavan. The main town of Braj, Nandgaon, Barsana, Goverdhan, Gokul and Dauji are in easy driving distance of Vrindavan. You can reach the Taj Mahal and other sights in Agra with a one hour drive and Delhi's sights are perfect for a day trip or weekend.


Map of Vrindavan

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