Ayurvedic Cooking Retreat in India

Ayurvedic Cooking

Ayurveda, the science of life, offers different ways how you can get your body in balance but the main method how you can balance the humours, the doshas, is with Ayurvedic food.

Join this Ayurveda Retreat and learn in daily Ayurvedic cooking classes how to prepare delicious and balancing dishes yourself!

The Shree Bindu Sewa Sansthan Ashram welcomes you.

Ayurvedic Cooking Classes

Let us introduce you to the qualities of each dosha! Whether you want to reduce vata, the air in your body, kapha, which is mucus or pitta, which is acidity, with the dishes that you learn to prepare in daily Ayurvedic cooking classes you are well equipped!

Of course the spices that you use play a big role in Ayurvedic cooking. Our experienced Ayurvedic cooks will give you a one-on-one explanation on Ayurvedic spices and their effects on the body, which dosha they increase or reduce and in which combination they balance your nutrition. Your questions will be welcome and answered in detail.

The meals that you prepare will be enjoyed together with the Ashram family.

When you leave the Ashram, you will have the practice of preparing several delicious Ayurvedic recipes and will come back home with the knowledge and experience to cook your own wholesome Ayurvedic meal. The course is not about having recipes on paper that you could cook at home. It is about giving you confidence in Ayurvedic cooking, so that you know by feeling and heart, how much of which spice or vegetable to put. You will know the combinations, you will know what fits together and what doesn’t and so you will also be able to cook your own creations.

Are you ready to start this culinary trip to India?

Dates and Prizes

Ayurvedic Spices

This Ayurvedic Cooking Retreat will take place upon request. Whenever you are planning your journey to India, you can come by at the Ashram and ask us for one, two, three or four weeks to dive into the world of exotic spices and taste! To find out whether it is possible to have a cooking workshop at the dates you like, please contact us at info@jaisiyaram.com


Duration/price Description
1 Week
500 Euro
the basics of Ayurveda and the main dishes
2 Weeks
950 Euro
more about each dosha, related spices and ingredients
3 Weeks
1400 Euro
an even bigger variety of dishes and more confidence
4 Weeks
1850 Euro
now you are a pro - lots of knowledge, practical experience and many dishes to choose from

All Prizes include accommodation, food and bottled drinking water in the Ashram as well as daily Ayurvedic Cooking Classes.

Please let us know if you would like us to arrange your transportation from the airport to the Ashram and back for only 120 Euro.

In order to book for the holiday an advanced payment of 50% has to be made. Make your advance payment

Let us know when you will come by filling this form.

Please do not forget to get a (tourist) visa for your stay. We recommend booking your flight early as the fees increase the later you will book. 

The classes will be held in English. 

If you have any questions during the preparation for your journey, you may find information on India travels here. If there is still anything unclear, you can of course write to us any time!

Shree Bindu Sewa Sansthan is a registered charitable trust and all profit of this retreat will go to our Children Charity projects.

You can read more about Ayurveda, how it is integrated in daily life and what Swami Ji thinks about it in the category of his blog about Ayurveda.

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