Ayurveda Yoga Holiday


Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in India - an unforgettable experience

Get a first-hand experience of two of the most ancient sciences of the world. Relax in detoxifying and refreshing Ayurvedic treatments and Ayurvedic massages and get to know how Yoga is implemented into daily life.

You can choose a retreat of one, two, three or four weeks and stay in the Ashram where you will get a first-hand experience of the loving atmosphere created by Swami Balendu and his family. Get out of your everyday's stress and hectic and dive into an experience of feeling yourself!

Ashram Frontview

A relaxing Retreat

The word Ayurveda means science of life and one of the main principles in Ayurveda is that your body is the temple of your soul. Take care of it, keep it clean and nourish it - it will make you happier and give you a more satisfied feeling from inside.

Each body type has different needs and with Ayurvedic treatments, Ayurvedic massages and Ayurvedic food your body will be purified and strengthened so that it can regain its balance in the doshas.

You can choose to eat at Ammaji's Ayurvedic Restaurant where we are suggest you which dishes would suit your body type best.

Yoga Garden

Ayurvedic Massages - a daily treat for body, mind and soul

Ayurveda recommends massages with certain oils and ayurvedic herbs as a support for a cleansing process. When stimulated with herbs and the right oils and massage technique the body releases toxins via the skin. For your well-being and relaxation you will daily get Ayurvedic massages with oil and with well smelling and purifying herbs.

Trained Ayurvedic massage therapists will take care that your massage is completely in line with the needs of your body and after only a few days of massage you will feel rejuvenated, your skin will shine and your body will thank you for this extra attention.

Ayurvedic Oil Treatments - against Pain, Stress and Discomfort

There will be an initial talk about your physical and mental well-being. You can share your issues, be that pain in back, joints or other body parts, problems with digestion or metabolism, your skin or challenges for your mind like stress, recovery from burnout and depression or sleep issues like insomnia. According to these issues, you will then daily receive a suitable Ayurvedic treatment to support your body on its way to healing and relaxation. Here are some examples for these treatments:


Shirodhara - deep Relaxation for your Mind

The probably most known and most popular Ayurvedic treatment is Shirodhara, a steady stream of warm oil to your forehead. After a complete body massage which relaxes your whole body, you close your eyes and warm oil will be poured on top of your forehead, releasing tension. Your mental and emotional stress is reduced as you enter a deeper state of relaxation than usually experienced. Obviously the effect is best after several sessions of this Ayurvedic treatment, however already after one Shirodhara experience, you will realize its benefits! Sleep gets improved, it is easier to concentrate and with less tension and stress, you can even generally develop a more positive attitude.

Janu Basti and Joint Massages against Arthritis, Joint and Knee Pain

Joint pain is a wide-spread issue that affects people of all ages - and causes huge discomfort in daily life! Whether it is a result of injury and surgery or of an illness like arthritis, Ayurveda provides treatments for the joints which relieve pain by the use of certain oils in combination with massage techniques or by giving warmth to the affected area over an extended period of time. Fact is: your knees, elbows and other joints thank you for it!

Kati Basti

Kati Basti and Prishth Basti - relieving Back Pain

In modern times, one of the most common ailments is pain in the back, from the neck down to the tailbone. Slip disk issues, back pain induced by wrong posture or long sitting times, neck pain due to computer work and looking down on mobile screens or lower back pain due to heavy lifting - these all are common issues that our guests and Ayurveda Yoga Holiday participants face! Their treatments are called Kati Basti and Prishth Basti - using a ring of dough to create a warm pool of oil on the pain points or the nerve centers where the pain originates from. The warmth as well as the healing qualities of the herbs inside help your back to relax and release tension which often is one of the reasons for pain in the first place.

Potli, Poultices and Nutrition Tips - helping your Digestion and Metabolism

There is a lot Ayurveda can do for any kinds of belly problems! In your daily treatments, herbal bundles can be warmed and applied to your stomach, poultices of Ayurvedic herbs wrapped around your belly support digestion and relax cramping muscles and finally, there is Ayurvedic nutrition as well. In your talk with our Ayurveda experts, you can get precise tips and suggestions on what to eat or what not to eat in order to solve your digestion problems! Ayurveda can be an incredible help against belly cramps, indigestion, constipation as well as diarrhea!


Daily Yoga Practice Classes

You will have daily one hour of yoga practice in this retreat which will be dedicated to stretching, bending and strengthening your body.

Due to the limited number of participants your yoga teacher will be able to personalize the workshops to everybody's needs and depending on the group he will include gentle yoga positions for beginners, basic yoga poses, yoga for back pain and other areas of the body but also advanced yoga positions if yoga instructors or long time practitioners are among the participants. Whatever your level of practice is - these yoga classes will be designed for you!

Additionally you can join the children of our school in their daily yoga class in the morning. Whenever they have school, they do yoga and you can just grab a mat and sit in between them!

You will additionally be able to meditate on your own in the beautiful garden, on the roof while watching sunset or in the cave in which Swami Ji spent three years and 108 days in meditation. Combine the yoga practice and Ayurveda treatments with your own meditation practice - complete relaxation on this Ayurveda Retreat in India!

Why to choose this retreat out of thousands of India retreats?


You have been searching the internet for the right retreat for you and have got thousands of results. You just type Ayurveda Retreat in India and you are presented with a huge variety of offers, all with Ayurvedic treatments and Ayurvedic Massages. Whether you are looking for Ayurveda holidays or Yoga holidays in India, you will get so many offers that you can spend hours looking through them. Now the big question is where you will go and why you would come to us.

For some people the answer to this question can be the relaxing atmosphere of our Ashram and for others it can be the unique combination of Ayurvedic massages and Ayurveda treatments but also yoga and relaxation that only we offer. But what we believe is the most important factor is that 100% of the profit for this holiday will support children charity projects. By doing something good for yourself you are doing good for poor children!

Schedule - time for you!

As the Ayurvedic treatments are very individual, we cannot provide a precise schedule here. Your Ayurveda Yoga Holiday will take place under the guidance of our experts and after a consultancy with our Ayurveda experts, we will tell you which Ayurveda treatments and Ayurvedic massages you will receive and what each day will look like.

Of course there is also enough time for leisure activities. Each week you will have one day free from yoga and ayurveda for shopping, visiting Vrindavan and the neighbouring towns or for a trip to Agra to see the famous Taj Mahal.

We intentionally changed the name from Ayurvedic Yoga Course to Ayurveda Yoga Holiday because we feel that this comes closer to the core of this retreat. It is not a course filled with hours of classes, a tight schedule and teachings which will result in a certificate but it is a time of treatments, of cleansing and of getting to know yourself. You will experience Yoga and Ayurveda on different levels and will have time to simply lay back and let your body and mind let go of the stress and pressure of your usual life. Relax, enjoy and feel well in the loving surrounding of the Ashram.

Cost - choose the right Option for you

With the opening of Ammaji's Ayurvedic Restaurant, it is now possible for us to give travellers different options for our retreats, as was requested before. That's how we now offer our Ayurveda Yoga Holiday not only as a complete package with all meals but also as a package without meals where you can enjoy food at Ammaji's just as per your preference.

We offer this retreat the whole year around.

Duration Cost not including Meals Cost including Meals
1 week – 680 Euro – 820 Euro
2 weeks – 1330 Euro – 1610 Euro
3 weeks – 1950 Euro – 2370 Euro
4 weeks – 2550 Euro – 3110 Euro
  Including Meals:
- Three meals at Ammaji's Ayurvedic Restaurant with Indian Thali and two times chai a day
  Included in all packages:
- Accommodation in our AC rooms with attached western bathroom
- Daily yoga class of one hour
- Daily Ayurvedic Massage
- Daily Ayurvedic Treatment
- Mineral Water
- Free WiFi

If you would like to be picked up from Delhi, either from the airport or a hotel, we can send you a taxi. Pick-up and drop-off each cost 60 Euro, so for only 120 Euro we will have you picked up when you arrive and dropped off when your retreat is completed.

Ayurveda Yoga Holiday for shorter or longer Periods or at different Times of the Year

If you would like to take part but already know you can only come for ten days, if you would like to come for a longer period than four weeks or if you want to do this retreat at another date, please send us an email and let us know from when to when you would like to come and we will be happy to design your retreat individually for you.

Book your Ayurveda Yoga Holiday of one, two, three or four weeks

If you have any questions during the preparation for your journey, you may find information on India travels here. If there is still anything unclear, you can of course write to us any time!

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