Birthday Celebration in India

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It is your birthday? Or your anniversary? Or just a special day for you? Celebrate with us! Become the sponsor of today’s food!


Sponsor Food for Children of School and Ashram

Celebrate your and your family’s birthdays with the Ashram family. You can have your birthday party in our Ashram in India. A lot of people take their daily meal there. For only 95 Euro you can provide the food for all children and students in our Ashram and get their blessing. Your name will be announced on our website and on a board in the Ashram as today’s sponsor and the children will celebrate for you. Of course we will send you pictures of the how they enjoyed.

Bhandara - Invite some more people!

If you would like to invite more people to your birthday party in India, we would be happy to organize a “Bhandara”, a big celebration of food for you. You can choose the amount of people that you would like to feed. We have experience of feeding up to 10 000 people. We will print little invitation cards, like food vouchers, with the date, time and address of the event and will go and distribute them among the poor inhabitants of our area who frequently do not know from where to get food for this or the next day. Can you imagine how happy these people will be when they will come to our Ashram and get a full warm meal there? As it is a tradition in India to give also a small pocket money on these occasions everybody who comes for the meal also gets five Rupees. They will get to know that it is your day of celebration and they all will send you their blessings.


If you are in India on your birthday you can help us distributing the food yourself. Some friends of Swami Ji enjoy it very much to come to India each year on their birthday to distribute food among the poor.
Of course, if you are not there, we love to do this service for you. We will take pictures of that special day and publish them on the website so that you can enjoy the happiness that your donation brought.
For the Bhandara we need only one Euro per person. You can choose the amount of people that you would like to feed. However it should be at least 100 persons. As we need some time to prepare for a distribution of food on this large scale, please let us know at least one week in advance how many people you want to invite.

A Special Gift Idea for Friends and Family

This is not only a special way to celebrate your birthday but can also be a great present for friends and family. How often are we looking for a present for someone who has everything he needs or to whom we already gave all the presents we can think of? Make someone happy with this contribution to happiness.

Sponsor the food for one day or have a big feast, a Bhandara at the Ashram!

See pictures of previous birthday celebrations at the Ashram here

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