Swami Ji devotes this category to one of India's and the world's biggest problems: corruption. In the worst situation you can get officials to do everything if your pocket is deep enough and you have to give to get even the most basic things done. Somet...

Anna Hazare
Some days ago I read about the ‘corruption index’ of an organization called Transparency International. Every year they make a report on over 180 countries and list them all according to their level of perceived corruption. Last year India was on positi... Read More

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Corruption in American Government
Today is the tenth day of Anna Hazare’s campaign against corruption in India. He is still fasting and his health is deteriorating. Doctors say his kidney is being affected by the long fast. They recommend hospitalizing him soon if he does not break his fast. ... Read More

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Swami Balendu about Corruption in Religion
In India the issue of corruption is very much in the focus of attention and Anna Hazare is still fasting in his fight against corruption. Here we talk about political corruption and corruption in bureaucracy which is in everybody’s daily life. Normal things d... Read More

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India fights Corruption
Read this article in Hindi In India, the movement against corruption has not stopped. Anna Hazare is now out of jail and has continued his fast on the biggest space available for such occasions in Delhi, on the Ramleela Maidan. Still thousands of supporters are... Read More

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Anna Hazare fighting Corruption
Dear Anna, It is great to see the turn that your campaign took and how the protests are getting bigger. I am here in Germany and keep an eye on the Indian media to see what is going on there. Yesterday evening I heard that the government sent you a release warr... Read More

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