Relations in the family can be difficult for some and the easiest relations ever to others. In his blog Swami Balendu writes about family relations, families can break apart and how you can deal with difficulties with your parents, siblings or children. Fa...

Our Family
I often write that it is wonderful to be living in a big family. Here in India it is still usual that people live with their children and parents as well as grand-parents together. It is called ‘joint family’ here and I have said so many times that it i... Read More

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Evening at the Ashram
So now there are only two days left until it is once more Christmas. In some countries it is Christmas Eve, the 24th December, which is celebrated the most, in others it is the 25th December and many countries have a holiday also on the 26th December. People come t... Read More

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Family Eating Together
I was thinking a little bit more about the habits and manners at dinner. Some people keep the habit of not talking during eating time, others share their whole day with each other. When we were staying with Joanne and Jeff, we were introduced to one of their small ... Read More

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Swami ji with friends
Yesterday I talked about the insecurity that creates problems in the first chakra. And in the comparison of Europe and India I said that the reasons for this insecurity are different. In the western world it is emotional insecurity. Things are changing fast and as ... Read More

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Swami Ji
In the morning I talked on phone with my friend Govind. For several years he had been working in a government job. Due to this job he only came home each second or sometimes third weekend as his working place was quite far away. He has a small son of two years and ... Read More

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