What is a real friend? Do you keep expectations with your friends? Does a friend have to call you a certain amount of times for you to remain friends? Swami Ji writes in his blog about these and more questions. He tells that he wants to be a friend to everyone ...

Swami Balendu, Ramona, Michael and Andrea
Today I received a phone call which made me very happy: Michael and Andrea have booked their tickets to come and visit us! I was going to phone my first German friend today anyway because they had reached back home in the last week after their holiday trip. I e... Read More

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Swami Balendu and Ashutosh Kumar
I already told you several times how incredibly our life has changed. I saw this yesterday and today again: in earlier times, I was best available in the evening time. During the day, I was very busy working on the computer, this website, on social media, replying ... Read More

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Sightseeing in Delhi
These days we have two very special visitors at the Ashram: one of Ramona’s oldest friends, with whom she was in school together from the age of ten, and her boyfriend. Veri and Chris decided last year that they would like to come and visit us on their holida... Read More

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Swami Balendu at his Computer
My last two blog entries may have sounded like I don't like social media at all. Well, that's not quite true. It has brought a lot of positive change to the world and as a modern person I appreciate its benefits. There is however something that I notably pr... Read More

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I was talking to a friend on the phone recently. He lives in Austria and we met when I was giving workshops there about six years ago. We have been loosely in touch over the course of years and updated each other on what was happening in our lives. Last week he cal... Read More

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