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We are running a free primary school for poor children in Vrindavan, India. They get warm food and education free of cost, including books, uniforms, pencils and everything they need! You can support us by sponsoring a child! With only 160 Euro per year you can support one of the children below.

Here is how: Make your donation either by paypal or by bank transfer with the details below and send us an email to, telling us which child you would like to sponsor!

Thank you!

For a one-time donation:

For a yearly donation subscription:

For a one-time donation:


For a monthly donation of 14 Euro:


Here are the bank details of our German charity organization which was created to support our projects. Funds are collected there for a cheaper one-time transfer to India:

Name on account: Swami Balendu e.V.
Address: Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 11
65193 Wiesbaden
Bank name: BB Bank eG
Address of bank: Herrenstr. 2-10
71633 Karlsruhe
Routing no. 660 908 00
Account no. 6205534
IBAN-Code DE 64 6609 0800 0006 2055 34


If you have an Indian bank account and thus want to donate within India, please send us a mail at

Children Charity Projects

When living in India, no, even when travelling through India, you cannot help but notice the extreme differences in between those who are rich and those who are poor. We see it as our duty to help those who are not as fortunate as we are. If we all do as much as we can, we can make a difference!

Instead of giving money to poor people, we believe in giving them the possibility to stand on their own two feet. That is how we decided that it should be the primary aim of our charitable trust Shree Bindu Sewa Sansthan to sponsor the education of poor children whose parents cannot pay school fees, uniforms and books.

The first step was to sponsor the school fees for poor children who were then able to go to a primary school in Vrindavan. In 2007, we could open the Swami Balendu e.V. Kindergarten in which 60 children learned the basics of reading and writing in a playful way. Only one year later, in August 2008, the Swami Balendu e.V. Primary School opened its doors in the fully renovated building of the Kindergarten. By 2014, we were able to add another floor to the building, making room for more classes and thus teaching 180 children.

Education for the Poor - for a better Life

The children, from the age of 4 to 16, are taken care of from morning till late afternoon, receive a warm lunch and of course everything necessary like school uniforms, books and pens.

Of course every child is supported by Shree Bindu Sewa Sansthan but you can support our work with your contribution. You can become sponsor of one or of several children. Through sponsorship you will receive a photo of the child, progress reports and you may also arrange to visit them if you come to India. Such a contribution goes a long way in changing the lives of these individual children and their families, giving each child the skills to make their own way in life and contribute to their community. We are hoping that we can provide more children with an education in the future because there are many poor children in Vrindavan and the near villages, who are not getting any education due to lack of money or because their parents are not educated either.

Difficulties that we face with our School Project

Understanding the value of Education

In India, there is no compulsory school attendance. This makes the situation and circumstances that we are running the school in very different from schools in the west. Here we are trying to convince the parents that it is good to send their children to school. Many parents understand this and are happy that their children can come to our school. Others are not really convinced that education is beneficial for their daughters and sons but they appreciate that they get something to wear and, most importantly, something warm to eat for lunch. We are happy when the children come to school, whether their parents value the present of education or not, but unfortunately we have to experience often that parents see school as a waste of time. They have not been to school themselves and thus do not consider it necessary.

Child Labour

Unfortunately some parents think that in the time that they are in school they could as well work and earn money. It is sad reality that many children work as labour on fields, in shops, in factories or as servants and earn less than 10 Euro per month. The childhood is spent in working instead of playing and having fun in school. So we go and talk to parents, explain them the benefits of education and very often we are able to convince them to send their children to school. If you sponsor a child, you help us saving children from child labour.

An ever-changing number of students

Although we have a growing number of permanent and steady students, it also happens that after two months parents decide that sending their children to school is not worth it after all and they do not let them come anymore. Whenever a child does not come to school unexcused for several days, we need to talk with the parents again. We go to their home and sometimes we get the answer that this boy or girl has a job now. We are very sorry about this situation and we try our best to convince the parents but if they persist, not even saying that the child is working but just simply that it doesn't need to go to school, we need to accept that. We cannot force anybody. Many of the families are also not settled in Vrindavan but move anywhere where they can get work and of course they take their children along. These are the reasons why sometimes a child is in our list to be sponsored and after a while the child is not at the school anymore. We hope that our sponsors understand the difficult situation also if the child that they sponsor leaves school. In this case we take another child to give the chance for a bright future to as many children as possible.

You can also help them. For only 160 Euro per year you can sponsor a child and thus contribute to their future. Children are the future of our universe.


Anuj Verma

Anuj Verma



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