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Swami Balendu

"On this page you will find those of my close friends who do a similar kind of work like me. I have experienced the work of each of them and I trust in their abilities, therapies, and teachings. In my busy life of my travelling I am never longer than a few weeks at one place. With my work energies start moving and often people search for support after my healing sessions, too. To provide them with a place and a person to go to I am in this way recommending some lovely persons of whom I know that their work is successful and supportive.

Please note that this is not a commercial advertisement for those listed below. I know them personally and only through this I can make a recommendation for their work."
Swami Ji

Michael Kosak

Dr. Michael Kosak

"Health is based on the harmonic cooperation of body, mind and soul. When we change one part of it we also change the two other parts."

Dr. Kosak has a long experience in the medical profession and at the same time a spiritual person and practitioner of meditation. He is a successful psychotherapist who is combining in his work conventional and spiritual methods. He knows about the importance of energy in our whole system and you can consult him in his praxis in Luneburg.

Thomas Meisenheimer

Thomas Meisenheimer

After years of studies and practice with Indian musicians Thomas Meisenheimer realized that when he plays the Sitar or the Rudra Veena the sound contributes to the relaxation of tensions and blockades caused by stress. The getting down to a deep state of peaceful mind revitalizes and restores the self healing forces. In Wiesbaden you can enjoy and relax in Thomas Meisenheimer's sound therapy.

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