Whenever there is a guest at the Ashram, a participant at a retreat or a friend who visited us here, we ask them to write some lines either into our guest book or by mail. People send feedback by email after reading parts of the website they really liked or they write us after being in a workshop or seminar.

Here you can read their experiences of the Ashram, of their retreats and of their time in Vrindavan and India, stories of people who read the website and more.

This is however not only a place to read! If you have visited us here at the Ashram, if you took part in any of our programs, if you enjoy our website or if you have met us while we were travelling anywhere in the world, you are more than welcome to write us your experience, send us your pictures - and you will see it here not too long after!

Anja Rohlf- Germany

at the Ashram for two weeks Ayurveda Yoga Holiday, two weeks Meditation Retreat and finally one week volunteering - and writes this entry of her ...

Anna Juricic- Italy

was here at the Ashram from 23rd to 26th July 2012.

Blanche Poncelet- Luxembour...

is a child sponsor and was visiting the Ashram from 17th to 30th December 2011.

Brigitte Neumeier- Germany

came to the Ashram with a group of natural hair dressers from 13th to 28th March 2015. They enjoyed yoga and Ayurveda lessons and a trip to Rajas...

Carol Lloyd- United Kingdom

was here at the Ashram for Ayurveda Yoga Holiday and Meditation Retreat from 20th to 26th November 2011.

Chris Murphy- Ireland

found the blog a help in his daily life.

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