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Yoga at the Ashram

One to four weeks of daily oil massages and daily yoga classes make the participants’ bodies relaxed, smooth but strong to face upcoming challenges! A time of cleansing, detoxification and relaxation in our Ayurveda Yoga Holiday! Read what our guests experienced!

And if you were a guest yourself - let others take part in your experience! Write us your feelings and we will post them with your picture!

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Anja Rohlf- Germany

at the Ashram for two weeks Ayurveda Yoga Holiday, two weeks Meditation Retreat and finally one week volunteering - and writes this entry of her ...

Carol Lloyd- United Kingdom

was here at the Ashram for Ayurveda Yoga Holiday and Meditation Retreat from 20th to 26th November 2011.

Karina Rampson- Australia

was here at the Ashram for Ayurveda Yoga Holiday from 18th November to 3rd December 2011.

Marlena Dobrzanska- Austral...

stayed at the Ashram from 12th to 19th October 2013 and enjoyed daily Ayurvedic massages and Yoga classes in an Ayurveda Yoga Holiday!

M-nica Crespo- Portugal

was here at the Ashram for Ayurveda Yoga Holiday from 7th to 22nd November 2011

Sirka Sanders- Germany

was at the Ashram from 29th June to 13th July. She experienced an Ayurveda Yoga Holiday during a wonderful monsoon time!

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