Whenever there is a guest at the Ashram, a participant at a retreat or a friend who visited us here, we ask them to write some lines either into our guest book or by mail. People send feedback by email after reading parts of the website they really liked or they write us after being in a workshop or seminar.

Here you can read their experiences of the Ashram, of their retreats and of their time in Vrindavan and India, stories of people who read the website and more.

This is however not only a place to read! If you have visited us here at the Ashram, if you took part in any of our programs, if you enjoy our website or if you have met us while we were travelling anywhere in the world, you are more than welcome to write us your experience, send us your pictures - and you will see it here not too long after!

Sylvia Morgenstern- Germany

joined Himalaya Journey from 3rd to 12th April 2012.

Sylvia Morgenstern- Germany

was here at the Ashram for Ayurveda Yoga Holiday from 18th November to 2nd December 2011.

Theodora van Vugt- Germany

participated in a group retreat at the Ashram with Yoga lessons, Ayurvedic massages and treatments as well as a trip to Rajasthan, all from 13th ...

Tricia Demmers- Canada

was at the Ashram as a volunteer from 19th August to 4th September.

Vik Nathwani- England

Vik Nathwani was at the Ashram as a volunteer from 3rd to 8th November 2013 and loved his time!

Wenke Hansen- Germany

was here at the Ashram from 7th February to 13th March 2011 and from 13th February to 7th March 2012 for volunteering.

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