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Karina Rampson

Stayed at the Ashram from 18th November to 3rd December 2011

Dear Ramona, Balendu, Purnendu and Yashendu!!!

Well...I have been back at work a few days now and settling into the new season of winter which should be summer in Australia!!!

I am still full of the senses of India and the wonderful time I have spent at Jaisiyaram Ashram with all of you, and it will never leave my conscience ever.

What I have to say is this:

When I found the website of Jaisiyaram Ashram I instantly felt a kinship of sorts...I wonder if that was because Ramona was so very helpful and efficient in answering any queries I had or the fact that she seemed to understand what I was looking for...I don't know, but what I really know is that I made the right decision in booking and committing myself. ( I think the fact that you did not push or advertise any religion except belief in love was helping in the decision)

I needed "time out" from work, personal dilemmas and plain exhaustion from being in a "catch 22 situation".

From the start I actually had trust and I felt it was right....I wanted to just be and experience something new...and the fact that I was contributing directly with my money towards running the school and helping disadvantaged children attain an education really sold me on the matter. Spending time with the children, watch them do yoga, attending some lessons in school and helping with the serving of lunch was a highlight!!!

I can't describe on a personal level what it meant for me to be there and spend 14 days in this amazing place other than saying it was completely what I needed and was looking for.

The care and attention that was included naturally in this stay made me think about my own life back home...what I am missing out on! I can say that my level of decision making and conscience has been awakened and I am working on ways to change my situation.

My mind and body was attended to and looked after, I so enjoyed the meditation lessons with Yashendu, we cried, danced, laughed and learnt! Yoga in the fog was amazing and never to be forgotten!

It was a personal journey which brought me to a better understanding about my being and my needs, about me as a person, and brought more clarity into my life. The Ayurvedic treatments were nothing but a miracle to me.

My body and mind responded in many ways and I thank the Ashram family in looking after me and understanding the natural process of elimination that was taking place, I still feel great and the benefits will last for a while!!!!

Other than the body...I feel that I was woven into a small part of Indian traditional living with it's many aspects of roles, respect, culture and food etc...being part of the matrix of this life including the many sounds of Vrindavan....chanting, tabla playing, cows mooing in the lane way, music from the many temples and the soothing voices of the staff making chai!!!!

When it was time to leave I felt that my little knot of being was gently untied and released back into reality, with the most sincere wishes and feelings. I felt truly loved and cared for, and I want to thank all of you, Ramona, Balendu, Yashendu and Purnendu..as well as BabbaJi and AmmaJi, NaniJi and all the boys in the kitchen and Shilpy (who did the most amazing massages) for making me feel welcome and special.

I miss you all and I want to come back....four weeks would have been a complete blessing for me and maybe I can organise that in the near future!

So...in writing this testimonial I hope that others might make this decision a bit easier from the heart, and to have no expectations other than a change in their life for the better. There are people who will find this Ashram a complete life enhancing experience...and others...well...it might just not be what they are looking for...Go with your heart and trust. I did and I gained something on a very personal level of my own life's journey!

Jaisiyaram and lots of Love!!!


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