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Monica Crespo

Staying at the Ashram from 7th to 22nd November 2011

"Find ourselves, rest, relax, be alone, live in group, meditate, pray, meet new people, or just to know how it is...the reasons to visit an ashram may be several, subjective, as well as the perception of what surrounds us. In my case, i can say that what drove me was the need of spending some time alone, faraway of my daily routine and people i see and hear every day, far from what i know and do it in a country that won me and silently but firmly called me inside.

I chose the ashram Jaisiyaram because of yoga classes, ayurvedic massages and food, but mainly because of their charity project with children, providing them a school and the invaluable opportunity to study. I didn´t create many expectations because the rules and principles can be very different from ashram to ashram.
I believe that if we really want to be happy, it just depends on us, but there are places and people that can help us learn to be happy, like this place teached me. This magic and serene place. It all depends of our needs, our wills and of knowing what is lacking/missing in us. In Shree Bindu Sewa Sansthan i found love and god in children´s eyes, i found a family that allowed me to made part of their routine, that teached me delicious recipes and let me join in rewarding activities. But if you don´t want that or you just don´t feel confortable with this type of sharing, you also have your freedom and your space to do or be whatever you want to.

"From day to day, some things were changing: i feel, touch, smell, see, hear, smile, cry,laugh, imagine, relax, appreciate everything with other kind of love and intensity. It is a constant meditation. There, we have the opportunity to see children in school and the amazing work in this area, although there is still much to do, but with the goodwill of all of us, we can contribute so the children can study in better classrooms and with more and better school supplies.

We can join them doing Yoga every morning, or just delight seeing them, joining them playing some tradicional games that we all know from our childhood.It´s impossible to forget!!We can see them politely in line, with their eyes closed and give thanks for lunch that day. Also in the ashram we can live together with resident children. The outside corridor flanked by gardens offers meditative walks.

" In a chaotic city as Vrindavan, this place is magic, quiet and comforting and, ironically, although Vrindavan has more than 5000 temples, this seems to be the holiest place.

I found a new lifestyle, with Yoga and ayurvedic massages and food. Before, i breathed through my nose and mouth as every human being, but it seems to me that now i breath through all my body, through all pore. As a beginner in Yoga, i thought that my body couldn´s stretch more, at least i wanted to maintain the elasticity, but after 2 weeks the progress has been remarkable.Now i practice Yoga every morning.The first thing i bought when i returned to Portugal was an Yoga mat. About food, it´s impossible to describe in words the flavors, because as the spicy hot is not used, we can taste every natural flavour and texture of varied food. Even the sweet indian deserts are different and delicious.

I´m so happy to have found this place, now i realised that was not something that i enjoy and now it´s finish, is something that i learn ,i brought with me and will remain forever. Is a place to revisit. If we walk along the city, we notest that they use very the phrase " I found my heart in Vrindavan". I think that someone who had the same experience i did wrote it."

Mónica Crespo


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