Sylvia Morgenstern- Germany  

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Sylvia Morgenstern

Stayed at the Ashram from 18th November to 2nd December 2011

2 days ago I returned from a fantastic Ayurveda yoga Holiday in your lovely Ashram and in my attempt to write down some thoughts I am asking myself again how words can ever be able to express my emotions and experiences to others …

What is words and language? Talking and writing to me sometimes feels as if it was just a poor attempt to sketch a stiff black and white picture of a feeling that one could try to describe as "enchanting, colorful, complex, spiral, moving, passionate, profound and dynamic" at the same time … Still those words will not sufficiently transfer the true depth, diversity and individuality of the emotional state of a human being to the listener or reader. They give just a tiny taste of what is striving to be comprehensively communicated to others, each of those carrying his or her individual mindset of understanding and also (sometimes misleading) interpretation. If you have fallen in love – and this may literally summarize my present emotional condition – everything happens all at once and cannot be wrapped into a linguistic mantle.

So just let me say THANK YOU for allowing me to fall in love with you – Balendu, Yashendu, Purnendo, Ramona, to lovely Amaji, Papaji and Naniji, the children and also the boys. I have never done skydiving but I am sure it feels like falling in love once you decide to jump, knowing that you will reach the ground safely and warm.

MANY THANKS also to Yashendu, who did a fantastic job leading us through the Yoga course every morning – even in the fog – and whose meditation and chakra sessions in the cave are just unforgettable. The treatments worked out very well, my pain in the back has gone, my mind has calmed down and I am still feeling a deep relaxation.

I was and still am deeply touched by the way you consciously ARE – which somehow encouraged me to BE again. I'll try to keep some of that awareness – not only during meditation, but also in my daily life...



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