Tricia Demmers- Canada  

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Playing with the Children

was at the Ashram from 19th August to 2th September 2012

Thank you!

I had a wonderful time volunteering at the Ashram and I think I was only beginning to fall into place really and then it was time for me to leave. But the time that I had was great and I learned quite a lot from living in Vrindavan which is full of life and seems to have its own pulse.

If I could use one word to describe my time at Swami Balendu's Ashram it would be freedom. I was free to be me, free to explore and ask questions, also free to ask for help and receive help. Everyone is very willing to help with plans and also simply to just explain the culture. I loved getting to know the boys a little bit, playing with every so often and sharing our "high-fives". I was comfortable and content at the Ashram, I don't think I've ever had such restful sleep in so long as when I slept there...and I love getting restful sleep! Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Thank you so much Ramona, Balendu, Yashendu and Purnendu for all of your help with trains and taxis and buses, your willingness is so appreciated!! I know at times it may have seemed as if I was apprehensive in asking for things. I don’t know why that is with me.. one of my spelling quirks I guess. But in any case despite my apprehensiveness you were accepting and loving… So thank you so much for that as well. Also thank you for letting me play games with the children at school. It was truly a highlight of my time! So thank you for that as well :)

I will think of this Ashram and everyone in it always with love and light!

Tricia Demmers


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