Wenke Hansen- Germany  

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Wenke Hansen and Yashendu in Holi colour

Stayed at the Ashram from 7th February to 13th March 2011 and from 13th February to 7th March 2012

I have been in the Ashram as a volunteer twice. So in total I spend nearly 10 weeks here and both times it has been a great for me.

I love being here in the Ashram. As soon as I enter it I feel the peace of this place compared to the drive from the airport or walking in the streets of Vrindavan. Here is no rush. From the first second I had the possibility to be part of the big Ashram family. I love sitting outside in the sun and seeing all the things going on here.

During my time here I learned so much about yoga, Ayurveda and ayurvedic cooking what I really appreciate. It has helped me a lot for my own development to work on those topics for a better and healthier live.

Tasting the food of the Ashram has anyway always been a big joy. Every day there would be something new to experience and to taste and also to learn about the food. I enjoyed every single bit of it. Even when I tried the recipes at home again it was just not the same. The love of the Ashram was missing. So its worth going just for tasting the great food.

Also Vrindavan itself is a nice place to visit. In this not very touristy town you can really experience the Indian lifestyle, walk to the market, see what the little shops have to offer, see some of the hundreds of temples, enjoy some chai and get in contact with so many nice people. Also going by Riksha and Autoriksha must be part of every India journey. Several times I went to the river in the evening to see the Aarti where many people put little candles in the river during the sunset. It is always magical for me.

And what for me is most important is the charity the Ashram does by offering those poor kids an education.

I have seen some of the places where the children live. Those are the very poor parts of the town like you can see in a documentary or in a movie in tv. To give them the possibility to have an education, to get food and also to see a doctor someday is just great. Every child deserves that for having a nice childhood. Here in the school they can spend time in a nice surrounding without having to worry about anything. They will have the education to make their own live better in the future. I like that girls and boys are joining school together free from religion. Children are the future and they make the new generation for changing something in the system. Education is so important. That's why I think this project is really worth some supporting. Watching the school children come and do the morning yoga, having lunch, laughing, being together with other kids just being kids is worth every single penny and effort you put into this project.

The children living in the Ashram have a special place in my heart. To see them growing up, being such polite and nice kids is just so great. I hope they will have a great life.

Thank you Yashendu, Ramona, Swami Ji, Purnendu and also the rest of the Ashram family making this experience possible. I will always keep this time in my heart.


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