Yamuna Flood in Vrindavan 2010

Flood in Vrindavan

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First of all we want to thank everybody who has donated so far. We have received support from all over the world and are thankful that this made it possible for us to help the flood victims in Vrindavan where the Yamuna has made so much damage.

On 23rd August the first people decided to leave their houses because water started flowing in. Only two days later some of our school children did not come to school anymore and we decided to offer them shelter at the Ashram. Since then there were several children more living at the Ashram.

After one week of flooding, the water retreated, but only to come back with full force a few days later. Now the situation is worse that before and people urgently need help. Water has entered the inner city, too. It has been more than a month that some people have lost their homes and are constantly on the move, looking for shelter.

The water supply in the whole town has been stopped, most parts of the town do not have electricity and most phone lines are not working anymore.

We are doing our best with the help of donations to distribute food, water, clothes and medicine to those who need it most.

Helping with Food

Warm Food for the Flood Victims

Together with the children who now live at the Ashram, we went to their homes and their colonies for feeding those whose kitchens have been filled with water. We used approximately 1000kg potatoes, 200kg chickpeas, 300kg tomatoes, 80kg Yoghurt, 1000kg wheat flour, 90kg Ghee, 240 litres oil, many litres water and several kilos of different spices and salt. Of course there were more expenses for gas for cooking, for the cooks and various assistants and helpers as well as for transportation of all food and people. In the amount below we included the donation that we gave to the boatman who has been rowing his boat without getting tired since the water blocked the street to the colonies.

Long-lasting Nuts to Store and Sweets

On the day on which Swami Ji wrote the 1000th diary entry, we went to distribute approximately 400kg of nuts and sweets to the flood victims. We wanted to give them something long-lasting, a mixture of nuts, multigrain flakes, lentils and dried peas which they can keep for days on which they do not have anything else to eat.

Additionally we have ordered tankers of water that we distributed to the neighbourhood where drinking water is now difficult to get.

All together we have spent approximately 5160 Euro on distributing food.

Medical Help

When the water started retreating, we went there with a doctor who did examinations, treatment and prescribed medicine to those who fell ill in the wet and damp houses in which there are thousands of mosquitos after the flood. Of course we also provided medicine and hope that the diseases will not spread further.

After the water levels had risen, we organised another day for medical support. We informed people about the basic rules of hygiene and their connection to health. After this information, of which we hope it will people prevent spreading of diseases, we distributed medical kits with vitamins, minerals, eye drops, fever medicine, ointments for cuts and boils, band-aid and cotton pads. Additionally a doctor made examinations and we bought medications for everybody who needed it.

Additionally we constantly provide medical help to all children of our school and their families.

All in all we have spent approximately 3800 Euro on medical help for the flood victims.

Distribution of Clothes

We saw that people had lost many of their belongings to the water. We decided to distribute clothes so that another of their basic needs can be covered. For the clothing we spent 440 Euro.

Food for Poor

Plans for further Help

We have made orders for 1000 loaves of bread to distribute and we will keep on supplying water to our neighbourhood.

There will be another medical examination for the children of our school on 30th September to find out if they have tuberculosis. Of course we will cover the costs of the long treatment that will be necessary.

Another plan, which we can realize only with your help, is to help people to get back to normal life again. The houses have been standing in the water for so long that the walls are wet and soaked. Many houses have got cracks and all of them need repairing urgently in some way.

Every Penny Helps

If any of you were hesitating to give a donation because you are only able to give a few Euros or Dollars, please do not be shy to give. Really every Penny helps, even if it is only five or ten Euro. If you are not in the situation to give a lot, give a little and you will see how it helps!

At the bottom of this page you find our bank account details.

Until now we have received 8734.80 Euro donations from all over the world. We have spent approximately 9400 Euro for helping people, an amount that is continuously increasing. The amount not covered by donations from outside was donated by Shree Bindu Sewa Sansthan as well as uncountable hours of effort and work by the whole Ashram team.

Click here to see a list of donors. It will open in a new window.

With the list above we want to honour our donors for their donations. We are thankful to all of them in equal amounts because each small contribution supported us in our work. If you are a donor and do not see your name in the list below, please excuse our mistake. We have been very busy and may have missed something! Please let us know and we will be happy to add your donation. Should you see your name and rather wish to not to be named, please inform us and we will add you as anonymous donor.

15th September 2010 - Medical Support

25th September 2010 - Situation in Vrindavan

26th September 2010 - 1000 Food Packages

See more videos of the help we provided

See more pictures of the situation in Vrindavan and our work

  • In the beginning of the flood
    Flood in Vrindavan
  • Only one week later
    Flood in Vrindavan
  • In the beginning of the flood
    Flood in Vrindavan
  • Only one week later
    Flood in Vrindavan
  • In the beginning of the flood
    Flood in Vrindavan
  • Only one week later
    Flood in Vrindavan

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