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Sri Bindu Ji

Sri Bindu ji

Sri Bindu ji was born in the year 1893 on the auspicious day of Radhashtami (the Birthday of the Goddess Radha), in Ayodhya. Sri Bindu ji was educated and received his religious initiation in Ayodhya. Goswami Bindu ji Maharaj studied Ramayana, Bhagwat, Bhagwat Gita, and other Shaastras and Puranas. Sri Ram Charit Manas was his favourite subject. He was a scholar of Sanskrit, Hindi, English, Urdu, Brij Bhasha, Avdhi, Bhojpuri, and other languages. He was a great speaker, scholar, writer, musician and poet.

He established the Akhil Bhartiya Ramcharit Manas conference in Varanasi for the propagation of the principles and essence of Ram Charit Manas. According to his belief, the principles propounded in the Ram Charit Manas are not directed at any particular caste or community, but they are for the benefit and uplift of all peoples of the world.

In Vrindavan he established the Prem Dham Ashram. Devotion and Love according to him, are the greatest of all religions, and Love is God. He wrote many books, such as 'Mohan Mohini', 'Manas madhuri', 'Ram rajya', 'Kirtan manjari', 'Pashani Ahilya', 'Manas ka mallah', 'Dharmavatar', 'Murali manohar', 'Bhayankar bhoot', 'Ram Gita', 'Ras panchadhyai', 'Suman sanchy', 'Bodh vani', 'Navyug vinod'.

He had millions of disciples all over India, who loved to see him, read him and hear him. A number of Maharajas of different Indian states were his disciples. When he delivered his spiritual lectures in the holy city of Varanasi, the people were so charmed that they even left their routine business to listen him. People were enchanted to listen to his chanting of Raja Ram Ram Ram. Once in Chitrakoot, about two million people were crowded together to listen his lecture.

He contributed to the freedom movement of India by writing patriotic plays, poems etc. The British government of India banned his book in those days. He described in his book, the British government as a 'Ravana'? government, a government of evil. The government arrested him and took him to court, and charged him with contempt of government. He described the similarities to his book, so they arrested him and made some serious charges. Then he said in court: '?if you accept what I wrote there, that it is truly like a Ravana government, then I am ready for any punishment from you.' Because of this, they released him. But his book was still banned.

Mahatma Gandhi loved him very much and invited him to lecture on two occasions in order to listen to him himself and encouraged him to write a book. Sri Bindu ji then wrote Rashtriya Ramayana and Ram rajya.
But he had no interest in politics. India's first Prime Minister Sri Jawaharlal Nehru invited him to stand for election, because he was very famous and the people loved him, but he didn't accepted the offer, and said: '?I am not a political man. I am spiritual, and want only to be spiritual.'
When he was very ill at the end of his life, his son Sri Balak Ram Sharan ji took him to Delhi to the hospital. He however wanted to leave his body in Vrindavan. His son respected his last wish and brought him back to Vrindavan where, on 1st December 1964, he left his body in the Prem Dham Ashram. Nowadays whoever gives lectures on Ramayana, Bhagwat and the Gita, or sings Hindi Bhajan and Kirtan, they all sing his Poetry.

Sri Bindu ji Maharaj happened to be the first to experiment with a modern theoretical style of preaching. He was not only a scholar of a high order during his life, but also a glowing sun, who generated fresh awareness among the masses about Sri Ram Katha - that emancipates human beings from all ills of life. Without a doubt, many people will continue to benefit from the unforgettable good deeds of Sri Maharaj for many ages to come.

In his spiritual blog Swami Balendu also wrote some of the poems of Sri Bindu Ji and translated them into English

Sri Balak Ram Sharan Ji

Sri Balak Ram Sharan ji "Bindupad" (Founder of Shree Bindu Sewa Sansthan Vrindavan)

Sri Balak Ram Sharan ji was born in the year 1933 on the auspicious day of Sharad Purnima (the full-moon of winter), in the city of Varanasi. As the son of Sri Bindu ji he of course studied the scriptures deeply and followed his father with his favourite topic: the Sri Ram Charit Manas. With his education in Varanasi and Vrindavan he became a great speaker and scholar and enjoyed writing, music and poetry. 

Among lovers of Sri Ram Charit Manas, the name of  Sri Balak Ram Sharan ji is referred to with high respect and devotion. Sri Balak Ram Sharan "Bindupad" followed his father in a true sense, and even took a pledge to dedicate his entire life to generating awareness about the Sri Ram Katha among the masses. He preached and gave lectures on his journeys throughout the country.

Today Sri Balak Ram Sharan ji lives in the Ashram, still actively teaching and preaching to young Sanskrit students.

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