Holi with colours

A yogic Holi 2015 at the Ashram!

In 2015 we want to invite you to a special week at the Ashram around Holi! Whether you are already in India or planning to make a trip - come to us and celebrate Holi in the safe environment of the Ashram, together with the Ashram family and the children of our school! The special treat: daily yoga classes!

Dates and Cost

Date Description
3rd March Arrival, Yoga class in the evening
4th March Morning Yoga
5th March Morning Yoga
6th March Morning Yoga and Holi Colour Celebration
7th March Morning Yoga
8th March Departure
You can come for this whole 6-day retreat with Yoga and Holi for only 180 Euro!

Those 180 Euro include accommodation and delicious vegetarian food at the Ashram, five yoga classes, mineral bottled water, free Wifi and of course two celebrations you won't forget!

Special Offer

This is a special offer for the Holi celebration time! We believe that you cannot get such a cheap offer for Yoga plus the participation in a unique cultural event! If you book your flight early, you can get a flight in as little as 500 Euro from Europe to India - so for only 680 Euro you can have a one-week holiday in India that will not only make your body more flexible but will broaden your horizon as well!

And if you won't make it - recommend this offer to your friends!

Simply fill this form if you want to join us for Holi

As usual, we can send our taxi to pick you up in Delhi for 60 Euro and drop you back there as well for the same cost.

If you have any questions, just let us know by writing to info@jaisiyaram.com

Here you can see pictures of previous Holi celebrations at the Ashram

Holi - The festival of colours in India

Have you always wanted to be like a child again, free of the responsibility of adulthood, playing tricks on others, laughing and having fun, not caring about your clothes, in fact, making them dirty with colour and water? This is what you can experience on Holi in India!

Holi is the colour festival and one of the most important celebrations of the year! It is an extraordinary cultural event, an Indian tradition that is nowadays imitated in many places around the world.

While most of India celebrates Holi only on one single day, our town Vrindavan hurls itself into the colours for a complete week! If you go to town in the week of Holi, there is no guarantee that you will get back as you were when you left! Anybody can throw coloured powder on you and you can pay them back!

On one day however, the day before the whole madness ends, it reaches its climax. On this day, the Ashram invites all school children to come and play Holi at the Ashram, to throw coloured water at each other and everybody joins them to enjoy being like a child again!

Happy Holi!

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