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On our website we are trying to give you an overview of the big variety of activities that are offered, not only when Swami Ji and Yashendu are travelling but also about retreats at the Ashram and our school for poor children.

We want to invite you to come and visit India yourself. It is always difficult to describe a whole culture in a short text on an internet page. You need to see the colours, smell the aroma of the big variety of spices and feel how you get drawn into the fascination of another country.

For those who want to experience this adventure, the Ashram can be a safe place to explore India from and at the same time to make experiences firsthand as a part of the Ashram family. Swami Ji, his two brothers and wife as well as his parents and his grandmother welcome visitors from all over the world and provide a home away from home. Feel free to do literally what you want. Our Ashram is a place to relax and enjoy – enjoying India which means enjoying the climate, the people and of course the delicious satwic vegetarian food.

The food at the Ashram is always delicious but if you would like to have Ayurvedic advice and an individualized diet which suits the needs of your body, you can also join the Ayurveda Yoga Holiday, an Ayurveda retreat with daily Ayurveda massages and weekly yoga workshops. Apart from that everybody is welcome to just roll out his yoga mat in the beautiful green garden, on the roof where you can witness amazing sunsets or in the spacious hall in the first floor. Often participants join together for daily morning or evening classes.

There are lots more retreats in India that you can take part in - including journeys to see more of the country.

And in times that are not filled with classes, you are welcome to visit our primary school for poor children, right next to the Ashram. Children from poor families receive food and education there for free and nobody makes a difference in between them, if their family has more or less income, if they are from a higher or lower cast or if they are of fair or dark skin. They are just all the same and eat and learn together. We believe that we can make a difference in the lives of these children!

You can help us in this by sponsoring the food for a day for the children or with a child sponsorship. Be a Food- and Education-Sponsor!

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our Ashram!

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