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Donate to Charities

How to Help - With and Without Money

There is a big variety of things that you can do which support our children charity projects, our school and our children. Of course the most plain and obvious way to donate to charities is donating money but even if you don’t have a penny to spare at the moment, there is a lot you can do to offer your support!

Financial Support

If you wish to support us and share some of your money with the poor children of our school, you can choose from this list in which way you would like to help:

Support without Spending Money

If you now think that you would really love to help but that you cannot afford to donate to charity in any of the ways described above, the following list is for you. These are ways to support our charity without spending one cent and often even without moving from your computer:

We, the Ashram family and all children, thank you already in advance for your support and love!

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