Silence Therapy (Maun)

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importance of silence

Silence holds the key to a wholesome life, ultimate liberation and attainment of happiness. In silence we can get clarity about our visions and wishes, our patterns of thinking and feeling and how we act in our world. Silence is a tool which helps us know and experience fully who we are and what our purpose in life is.

Fear of Silence

In our modern world there is hardly ever complete silence. People also avoid silence and even seem to be afraid of it. There is always some background noise, whether that is traffic, music or a TV. It is difficult for some of us to be in silence because it so clearly brings up our own identity. We are so often playing a role and are actually embarrassed or ashamed of who we are. We are not in peace with ourselves so we try to keep our mind busy with different kinds of input so that we do not have to think of who we really are.

Speech - the biggest consumer of our energy

When talking we are using a lot more oxygen than when we are in silence. Excessive talking causes energy burnout and lets our mind overheat which then in turn has effects on our reactions. We become angry and impatient, are not able to act calmly, coolly or rationally anymore. Also listening to people who talk a lot takes a lot of energy.

Communication in Silence

There can be many other ways to communicate with each other without using speech, Swami Ji believes that when two people meet it is possible to communicate on another level because communication is not just only by speech. It anyway happens all the time, just when two eyes meet. Words can only ever give a limited interpretation of our real feeling, words will never grasp the real sentiments of feelings and emotions.

Swami Balendu's Practice and Love of Silence

Swami Ji has been practicing silence at a very young age and spent times of three months up to one year alone and in silence in jungles and forests before and after entering the cave in 1997 for a three and a half year practice of silence in the cave. But not only alone, he also spent times in silence while being in full company. Being in silence is both important and necessary for Swami Ji to exist in this world. Whether it is while travelling with his work or being at home at the Ashram he would encourage people to hug him or sit with him in silence from time to time.

Silence Therapy - Swami Balendu's Counseling Sessions

Also in his counseling sessions Swami Ji works with silence therapy. Often he just lets the eyes and maybe a touch speak and express all that is inside. Whether it is fear or pain, sorrow or laughter, everything can be expressed in this way. After this experience people often feel very light as if they had a big weight taken off their shoulders.

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