Prem: The Love

Prem Meditation is a spiritual path, an easy practice which guides you to rekindle an all encompassing love in you, love which we have repressed, stifled and smothered under our self-centred, materialistic ambitions.

Prem, the word literally translates to love, the virtuous trusting feeling of a baby towards its mother and the mother's selfless and devotional love given reciprocally to her child. This unconditional love, a gift from God needs to be resurrected to unchain the true freedom. But how do we do this? This is achieved by a simple practice of meditation.

Meditation and its benefits

The Sanskrit word Dhyana, or 'thought' is the right word for meditation. Yes, 'thought' or the ability to think has brought us scientific marvels, and also the agents of devastation and uncountable misery to mankind. If such is the power of thought, the power of Dhyana, then let us think of love, let us meditate on love. Let us perform Prem Dhyana and imagine the power love shall bestow on you. Yashendu says that only love has the power to waft away all your problems as love is supreme. He has researched, thought about and meditated on love to evolve a simple practice which will bring down all the walls that you have inadvertently created around you and open your heart to lead a fuller life, a life of love, a life of creativity, a life you always longed for.

Prem Meditation, an Awakening, A Way of Life

Yashendu Goswami conducts this practice with the recitation of Sanskrit Mantras. When you open your heart chakra you can receive the power of love. This meditation practice progressively brings you closer to yourself, to love, and imparts meaning to your life.

The Prem Meditation is the Step to Love. Yes you have to decide to take that step to a life of love. It will bring a grace, an adornment, a love colour into your life. Which will make you ready to banish all the negative energies, thoughts and emotions as the all-encompassing love, the raison d'être of mankind is taking root in your heart. The religion of love, yes, mankind has only one religion and that is the religion of love. All religions of the world teach you to love, it will initiate you into this all-embracing religion.

The slow awakening of love will bring a love aura to you, empowering you to love away all your worries, yes love them away. As you continue practising this meditation you will experience an awakening, a new way of life, a life of love and a spiritual path of love.

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