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Until further notice, Swami Ji has decided not to travel for programs. You can however invite Yashendu to give workshops, counselling and more at your place!

Invite Swami Ji and Yashendu to your home

Swami Ji and Yashendu are travelling and working all over the world, giving lectures, workshops and individual counseling sessions in order to bring love to people. Swami Ji also visits many hospitals and gives counselling in doctors' clinics. Corporates and family businesses invite them to give workshops and counselling. They are always open to visit new places to spread this energy and the message of love.

You can invite Swami Ji to come and give counseling, workshops and other activities at your place. It does not matter if you have a Yoga-center, are working with energy, would like your friends, customers, colleagues or employees to enjoy something different or if you are simply interested in spirituality without it being your profession. Important is an open heart. A connection from heart to heart is what Swami Ji would like to create and in this way he makes friends all over the world. Swami Ji likes to be with grounded, normal people who like to make this connection of love.

By organizing his program you can experience the amazing joy and love that people feel in Swami Ji's presence in a Darshan, a Workshop or in his private time. It is wonderful to see the thankfulness of those who enjoyed a spiritual counseling session and got relief from their burden and pain. It is fantastic to see people in the end of a meditation, feeling light and free, full of confidence for their future.

Our program in short

Spiritual Counseling

Swami Ji and Yashendu give individual counseling sessions each day. In these they offer a possibility to share emotions and feelings, offers advice, prayer and an open ear for all problems. In a half an hour session they help with their knowledge of the ancient sciences Yoga and Ayurveda and their experience of counseling in difficult situations and decisions in life.


In the evening, mostly in the beginning of our stay somewhere, there is a Darshan. Darshan is a group meditation for opening the heart chakra. In this people get help to open their hearts and to feel and express their feelings. It takes approximately one hours (depending on the amount of people. We do this mostly in the beginning so that people get a chance to get to know Swami Ji in a group and can also book individual counseling after getting to know him a little bit.

Prem Meditation

Yashendu Goswami offers to do Prem Meditation. He created this love meditation with peaceful music which helps us to find the way back to our heart and our love. It is around one hour of meditation.

Chakra Dance Party

There is also the possibility to organize a Chakra Dance Party. This is a spiritual disco without drugs, alcohol or shoes. We have created special music for each chakra that stimulates the energy of our chakras. By dancing freely and however we feel we can activate this energy. Swami Ji will guide through the evening with short explanations on each chakra. You can watch videos of previous Chakra Dance Parties.

Chakra Workshops

If people are interested in a more detailed explanation of the chakras, a Chakra Workshop can be organized. In this Swami Ji also gives methods and techniques on how to work with the own chakras and how to remove blockages by yourself. Chakra Workshops can take place half a day, a full day or even a weekend. Swami Ji needs at least 20 participants to give this workshop. For a better impression of what a chakra workshop is, you can watch a video of chakra workshops here.


Ayurvedic Cooking Workshops

In Ayurvedic Cooking Workshops you can learn the art of vegetarian cooking in a healthy way. Afterwards the delicious food will be eaten together. It takes around 4 hours.

Yoga Workshops and Private Yoga Lessons

Yoga Workshops of two, four or six hours can be organized on different subjects like Yoga and Stress, Back pain, Women's Health, Weight Loss and others. Yashendu Goswami will guide the participants through the asanas.

Yashendu also offers private yoga sessions for those who have personal requirements and want to know exercises beneficial specifically for their issues.

Lectures and Seminars for Corporates, Companies and Businesses

Swami Ji and Yashendu also offer to give workshops, lectures and seminars in companies. In the usual working atmosphere, employees experience stress and pressure which actually reduces the quality and quantity of their work. Swami Ji and Yashendu teach easy techniques how you can concentrate better, work while being relaxed and give 100% to the company. These techniques include simple exercises, breathing techniques and meditation.

Visiting Hospitals and Schools

If you would like to organize a visit to a hospital Swami Ji will be happy to help by giving his spiritual support to those in hospitals, too. This he will do without any cost, to give his love to those who need it the most.

Children, teenagers and young adults are also very important to Swami Ji. He would love to help young people in their development by giving a lecture in their school or university. Yashendu Goswami would be happy to contribute by giving Yoga Workshops there. By helping young people you can serve God. Swami Ji and Yashendu Goswami do this as a gift to them because they are the future of this universe.


Our Needs

Swami ji is travelling with Yashendu Goswami and Ramona. They need two rooms for accommodation and would be happy to stay in a house, not a hotel as the personal connection is important and valuable. They love to cook and eat Indian food so they would be happy to cook and eat together with you.
As their work depends on this website, mailings and the connection with other people, they need a wireless internet connection.
For the individual counseling sessions a separate and calm room is necessary.
Depending on the size of the room a microphone might be needed for Darshan, Meditation and Workshops.
For the Chakra Dance Party they need a music system and a microphone.


There are certainly a lot of people in your area who are interested in Swami Ji's program. So when he comes they should get to know that they have the possibility to take part. If you have a center yourself you can of course send all information about what, when and where to your contacts. You can approach Yoga centers and other spiritual centers. Very often they are interested to organize Swami Ji's lectures or Yashendu's Yoga Workshops.
You can ask in organic food stores, centers, and hospitals if you can put flyers there.

The local media can be informed. Journalists are often happy to report about something positive. Swami Ji will be happy to give a radio or TV interview, too. Even small newspaper articles create a lot of interest and attention.
If you need texts for advertisement you can take and download them from our website.


Swami Ji works to support poor children in India so that they have a chance in their future. Money from counseling and meditations will only be used for the children charity projects. Swami Ji is of the opinion that it would not be healthy to spend this money in another way. From this money he does not spend even one cent for living or eating himself. His personal expenses are covered by money from Yoga Workshops, Chakra Workshops and lectures. From this money organizers also receive 25% to cover their possible expenses of advertisement or rent.

Your Benefit

You are helping so many people, both in your home and in India that the first thing that you get will be a feeling of happiness. Swami Ji's visit at your place will be announced on our website with you as our organizer so that many people who are interested in this field can come to your center or wherever you choose to have the program. You will have the chance to meet many interested and interesting people.

Please click here to give us some information about yourself which will help us to design a program at your place.

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