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Equality among people of all religions, traditions and cultures

Food for a day

"Before I entered the cave in 1997 I had lived the traditional life of a guru. However my mantra meditation in the cave for three years and 108 days changed a lot. It made me realize that we are all equal and that no human being should be higher or greater than the next. I don't see myself as a guru or a master anymore. Our souls and our love is the one thing that universally makes us all the same.

Working to Share Love

I don't follow any religion, tradition or culture; Love is everything for me and I want to share my love in healings, workshops and seminars to help people with any physical, emotional and spiritual issues that they might be experiencing. Love is the most therapeutic healing energy. It will help you to open your heart and to give and receive love more freely in this universe. The donations for spiritual healing sessions, Darshans, workshops and everything I do are given entirely to Shree Bindu Sewa Sansthan. Shree Bindu Sewa Sansthan is registered as a charitable trust and the aim of each kind of activity or work they are doing is to help children and those in need.

Helping Kids is Helping our Future

I dedicated my whole life and all my activities to children. They are the future of this universe. Helping children is equal to serving God. So I decided to give all my property to Shree Bindu Sewa Sansthan for this wonderful task. Every cent and every penny given to me will be a charitable donation that creates hope for the life and future of a young girl or a young boy. I want to invite you to light a candle of love to enlighten their future and your soul.

Come together and share the love

We need to break down the barriers and must not be afraid to reach out to each other. Let your love flow freely to each other without conditions and reasons.

I am not trying to sell enlightenment. I am also not concerned with increasing numbers of followers. This is not my way.
I am just your friend who wants to make a close connection of love and share this wonderful energy with you. I only want to exist in this world to live in love and die in love. I open my arms to embrace those who believe in love."

Swami ji

How you can Help us Helping Children

There are many ways to support out projects and helping the needy. One of them is to sponsor a child of our Primary School and ensure his or her free education. You can also sponsor the food for a day. If you would like to help in a way other than with charitable donations, you are also welcome to come and work as a volunteer at our Ashram in India. And of course your participation in any of our programs supports our goal of helping these children. So if you are looking for the best way to donate to charities, you are also welcome to come to India, to see what we are doing and then see in which way you can help best. We will be happy to see you here!

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