3 years and 108 days in a cave - Spiritual withdrawal from the world

3 years and 108 days in a cave

Swami Balendu often spent times of silence (Maun) in forests or in the Himalayan mountains. He retreated into silence for weeks and even months but realized that the senses of sight and hearing could still distract his mind. He had the wish to be fully alone with his God, without hearing or seeing anybody to be able to deepen his Mantra meditation. This is how he decided to build an underground cave on the land of his Ashram in 1997. He entered the cave on the 10th September 1997 to spend the following three years and 108 days fully isolated from the outside world. The entrance was sealed with bricks so that he would not be disturbed in his meditation. The cave was equipped with a toilet and bathroom facilities and he slept on a mat on the floor.

Swami Ji 29 years

In the first one and a half years Swami Ji ate fruits and vegetables and for the remaining two years he only drank liquids such as water, buttermilk and milk. The food and beverages were served through an L-shaped hole in the wall through which nobody could see in and he could not look outside. Each day he spent 17 hours in meditation, reciting cycles of ancient Mantras. Each day many people gathered just to sit in meditation in front of the cave and to thus join Swami Ji in his prayer. The biggest crowd gathered on the 24th December 2000, the day which Swami Ji had decided for leaving the cave. The entrance was opened and Swami Ji was welcomed back.

Swami Ji

This retreat changed his life. His view onto the world changed and he did not want to be a guru anymore. He saw that all humans are the same and are all equal, nobody is better or higher than anybody else. And this is how he left his guru life in India and started travelling and spreading his loving energy all over the world.

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