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The Dream of a Journey to India – and the Hesitation due to its Dangers

Travelling through India is a dream for many people. If you are a woman however and don’t have either a group of people to accompany nor a male companion to join, you probably feel a bit apprehensive about really going on this adventure. In the past years, India has been again and again in international media for all the wrong reasons, among that sexual harassment and other crimes against women. While a majority of the victims are Indian women, there have also been incidents with non-Indians, single women travelling alone in India.

Don’t, however, let those news shatter your dreams! You can still come, even as a solo traveller, and you can experience the beauty of India – experience an adventure while being fully safe and secure!


The Solution: travel with one of our Ashram’s Tour Guides

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At the end of the advice, I have always mentioned that you should come to India if you have the wish to. The media obviously gives report of the worst events – and that also has positive points, for example raising awareness and putting pressure on India’s government and people to make a change. At the same time however, this huge country is full of wonderful sites to explore, a rich culture to experience and beautiful people to meet!

You may just need to know how to do all of this safely.

As you cannot, in a country that is fully new and completely different than yours, we offer you to organize your journey for you, in company of one of our Ashram’s trusted guides.

No Worries of Directions, Travel Arrangements and, most of all, Safety

Already in planning your journey on your own, you will find a lot of obstacles: which is the best way of transportation, how do I book train tickets, which class is safe to travel in and are the hotel owners or taxi drivers cheating me, making me pay double prices? Once you are on the road on your own, a lot more such questions will add.

If you book with us, you can simply let us know where you would like to go, what is your main aim of travelling – sightseeing, culture or experiencing nature for example – and we will plan the trip, of course always while being in touch with you. We will pick you up at the airport and safely take you wherever you want to go!

With an Ashram guide by your side, you never have to remember the way back to the hotel so that you don’t get lost in a city you don’t know. You don’t need to worry about how much to tip, where you can eat without suffering from food-poisoning or whether the rickshaw driver can be trusted to take you where you want to go. You can fully enjoy the trip and sights while a Hindi- and English-speaking local person keeps the sometimes overwhelming amount of salespeople, beggars and simply curious people away from you, giving you room to see, talk, choose and buy what you really like. Even here, you will have an advantage: someone who knows the art of bargaining and additionally the proper cost of what you want to buy!

Most of all however, you have a male person by your side giving all other men a clear sign: don’t even think of approaching this woman in an inappropriate way! It will save you from conversations that take uncomfortable turns, from indecent offers and unwanted physical contact.


Why to travel with us?

If you now have the offers or websites of five different tour operators or travel guides plus our website, you must wonder why you should choose ours. Our answer is: go with your feeling! There are a lot of points that we could mention, from the fact that everything we earn also support our children charity projects until the idea that you can come and visit us at the Ashram, get to know our family and live with us before deciding.

In the end, we will be happy if we can make sure that you will come home from your journey to India full of memories of the greatest time you ever had!

Dates and Prices

We want to give you your individual tour and make it possible for you to travel through India safely. We are here and available the whole year round.

You can have a look at our most popular journeys.

If you like one of those or if you have your own ideas where you want to go, simply write it all down in an email to, tell us when you want to go and for how long and we will be happy to make further plans together with you!

You can read the most common questions and answers about journeys to India here. If you would rather come for a retreat at the Ashram or do a retreat before or after your travels, you are of course welcome to join any of our retreats.

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