Yoga for You

Akarna Dhanurasana

Have you looked through all our yoga retreats but could not find the right one for you? There is no specific focus that you would like to set but you rather want an all-around program for strength, flexibility and your problem areas all across the body? Then this is the right retreat for you!

It is as simple as it gets: two hours of yoga every day, according to your level of yoga experience. Just yoga for you!

Dates and Prices

You can come and do this retreat at the Ashram at any time of the year. Just fill out this form to tell us know when you want to come - if there is a free room, we will be happy to welcome you!

Below you will see prices for complete weeks. Of course you can also come for as little or as much time as you like. If you want to stay longer or shorter than full weeks, we can send you the exact cost for the period of your stay.

Cost - choose the right Option for you

You have the possibility to choose from three different payment options, varying according to how you would like to design your retreat with us! You can take the easy option to simply include all meals in your package price. Alternatively you can decide to pay only for stay and yoga classes.

Duration Cost not including Meals Cost including Meals
1 Week 295 Euro 390 Euro
2 Weeks 585 Euro 775 Euro
3 Weeks 875 Euro 1160 Euro
4 Weeks 1165 Euro 1545 Euro
    - Three meals at Ammaji's Ayurvedic Restaurant
with Indian Thali and two times chai a day

If you would like to be picked up from Delhi, either from the airport or a hotel, we can send you a taxi. Pick-up and drop-off each cost 60 Euro, so for only 120 Euro we will have you picked up when you arrive and dropped off when your retreat is completed.

The retreats can be booked with a 50% advance deposit. Simply fill this form and we will get in touch with you - or send us an email to .

Please do not forget to get a (tourist) visa for your stay. We recommend booking your flight early as the fees increase the later you will book.

All classes will be held in English.

Read Swami Balendu's Yoga Blog

If you have any questions during the preparation for your journey, you may find information on India travels here. If there is still anything unclear, you can of course write to us any time!

Do it at home - or come for another retreat

If for any reason you cannot make it to India for your retreat, you can as well learn the yoga poses from home! All you need is an internet connection! In our Yoga Pose Directory you can choose the best poses for you with videos, pictures and descriptions of benefits and how to go into the poses.

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