advanced yoga poses

Advanced Yoga Postures

Are you a yoga teacher or long-time practitioner who is searching for new challenges for himself and his yoga practice? Do you want to know new ways to tone your body, other muscles to stretch and strengthen and advanced yoga poses to try out? This category is the right one for you!

Below you will find several yoga poses which are recommended only for those who are familiar with the common yoga poses and who feel strong and flexible enough to come to another level of yoga: Yoga for advanced practitioners.

You will find some poses which are actually variations of poses you already know and other poses which are fully new to you.

As with all of our poses there are step-by-step descriptions, a picture and a video to help you getting into the advanced yoga pose. You can create your own advanced yoga workout routine here.

Getting more advanced on a Yoga retreat for Yoga Teachers and Advanced Practitioners in India

Whoever would like to intensify the experience of advanced yoga position and learn yoga more deeply with a real life teacher can join our Yoga Retreat for Yoga Teachers and Advanced Practitioners in India - a special way to go further in your practice!

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Agnisara Kriya

Successfully burn your belly fat, tone your abdomen and additionally give a nice massage to your intestines that stimulates your digestion.

Apana Asana

A pose that truly stimulates the Manipoor Chakra and creates a fire that lets you be energetic and helps you lose weight!

Baddha Konasana - Bound Ang...

A very beneficial pose for women in pregnancy or menopause or with menstrual irregularities or pain. Also good for men’s prostate glands and in...

Baddha Padmasana - Locked L...

Padmasana not enough for you? Try Baddha Padmasana for the maximum stretch and flexibility of legs and arms! And in this advanced pose there is a...

Danda Dhauti

An advanced Kriya to cleanse the esophagus and stomach of mucus and stuck rests. Only to be performed under guidance of an experienced yoga teach...

Dwi Pada Sirsasana

Stimulate your third chakra, activate your blood flow, stimulate your digestive system and look enormously flexible!

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