Apana Asana  

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Apana Asana

How to perform Apana Asana

For practicing Apana Asana, you need to be able to perform Uddiyana Bandha .

Sit in Padmasana or Vajrasana and breathe deeply. Exhale completely, which is called Rechaka in yoga. After Rechaka, perform Uddiyana Bandha.
After this, grab the sides of your belly from left and right and under your rib cage.
Hold this pose, until you feel the need to inhale, release your grip and inhale.

Benefits of Apana Asana

This pose is good for reducing excess Vata and Kapha, air and mucus in the body. It is also good for digestion, as well as stomach problems.
With its work directly on the solar plexus, Apana Asana stimulates the third chakra, the Manipoor Chakra, and thus brings you energy and self-esteem. It creates fire in you in more than one way.
While this fire energetically lets you jump and run into action, it physically burns extra calories and helps you in efforts of losing weight.

Tips and Help

Your stomach should be empty when performing this pose. Make sure that your lungs are empty of air in the beginning and sit comfortably.


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I love Uddiyana Bandha because I feel it has helped me so much in losing weight. This addition to the pose is something that I really and truly enjoy! Thank you for the many ideas I get from here!

Reply By Maya on November 09, 2012 10:13

Hi, first time i am seeing apana asana and samana asanA. I have digestive issues. Let me try these and will let you know the result. Gteat job

Reply By Santhosh kumar on April 12, 2017 16:56

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