Uddiyana Bandha

Bandha is the Sanskrit word for ‘Lock’. The three Bandhas described in yoga are the three body locks with Jalandhara Bandha being the throat lock, Uddiyana Bandha the abdominal lock and Mula Bandha the root lock.

These yoga exercises are called locks because they make a separation between two parts of the body. Air will not pass from one side of the lock to the other and your energy is also rotating in the separated parts, not in between them.

The Bandhas are considered very important parts of yogic exercise due to their great effect on the body. The different exercises provide an intensive stimulation to your body functions including your nervous system, digestive system and respiratory system. Through this stimulation they detoxify your body and make it work again as it should.

The unity of the three Bandhas is called ‘Tribandha’. If you practice the Maha Bandha, you combine Jalandhara Bandha and Mula Bandha. If you combine all three Bandhas together, it is called Maha Mudra.

Whenever you practice the Bandhas, remember to follow the breathing instructions explained below.

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Jalandhara Bandha - Throat ...

A Bandha for your throat, the throat chakra and the thyroid gland, stimulating blood flow and letting you breathe freely.

Maha Mudra

The benefits of all Bandhas combined in one pose! Your whole system, from your digestion to your nerves, experiences the work of the Maha Mudra!

Mula Bandha - Root Lock

Stimulate your nervous system while moving muscles consciously that you have never moved before.

Uddiyana Bandha - Upward Ab...

Better Digestion, no sexual problems, self-esteem and a healthy blood flow are only a few benefits of this very effective pose!

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