lying yoga postures

Lying Yoga Poses

If you are searching for yoga poses that you can perform while lying on your yoga mat, you are right in this category. Here you will find listed all those yoga poses for which people do not have to sit or stand up.

You might believe that lying yoga poses are the easiest ones and cannot be very intensive. This thought however is wrong. There are relaxing poses that focus on breathing and calming down body and mind but also activating and stimulating exercises, both for strength and for flexibility. These yoga poses can actively strengthen your muscles in any part of your body and you will notice how they get strong without you even getting up from the floor.

Some of the yoga postures that you see below can be done even while lying in bed, for that please visit our section Yoga in Bed. There you find exercises specifically for the purpose of doing it in time of rehabilitation, in mornings or evenings and if you are bedridden.

Of course you can do many of the breathing exercises while you are lying, too.
Enjoy your yoga practice!

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Matsyasana - Fish Posture

A Yoga pose which benefits your complete back until your neck, respiratory system and even your digestion.

Mayurasana - Peacock Pose

A really advanced yoga pose which takes all your concentration, balance and strength! Balance on your hands with your straight to the back!


If you really want to build your belly muscles and maybe even create a nice six pack, this yoga exercise is exactly right! Lower, middle and uppe...

Pawanmuktasana - Wind Relea...

Suffering from gas stuck in your belly? Do this pose and release them! Stimulate digestion and also lose extra belly fat!


An Asana for flexibility that stimulates your third chakra, enhances sexual energy and digestion and just looks great when you have mastered it!

Shavasana - Corpse Pose

Lie on your mat in complete relaxation, as if you are dead. You don’t move, have eyes closed and feel your body.

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