partner yoga

yoga is fun alone – but even more fun when you are together! Not only doing yoga in a group but also practicing yoga postures that include another person by your side. In yoga there are many postures which can be done together with a partner and a series of yoga postures that can be done only if you have a partner.

Yoga in Pairs – Fun and Exercise with a friend or Partner

Yoga could be that sport that you and your partner agree on doing together. It is wonderful, you practice strength and flexibility and you enjoy being together – as well as performing the yoga postures together. With friends, too, partner yoga is one of the best ways to enhance connection and understanding of each other.

The important part is that you communicate and take care of the other one’s needs. Go slowly into each exercise, stop when the other one tells that he experiences pain or too much strain and stretch further when he tells he is feeling good with it.

Partner yoga brings you closer to each other and lets you enjoy your exercise together.

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