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Have you just found out that you are pregnant and wonder whether yoga is a safe exercise during pregnancy? Or you are already in the second or third semester and are still looking for the right workout? Yoga is your answer in any case. prenatal yoga is a safe and gentle way for you to stay active and in shape during pregnancy while allowing your baby to grow bigger and bigger inside you. It guides you through the nine months of pregnancy, prepares you physically and mentally for giving birth and can be a big help also after delivery to lose the baby kilos you gained in nine months.

Yoga Postures for Pregnant Women in all three Trimesters

No matter what stage you are at and if you have done yoga before, or not, yoga is one of the most frequently recommended sports for the time of pregnancy. Yoga does not give you any sudden jerks as jumping or sudden stops while running do. It helps you to stay strong while movements slowly become more difficult and your belly becomes bigger. If you do regular prenatal yoga exercise, you can avoid and help problems like swollen ankles and lower back pain.

In the first trimester you may not feel much difference in your body regarding your exercise but you should still be aware that your body is changing. Listen to your body, whenever you feel any discomfort, come out of the yoga posture and relax.

During the second trimester you will already feel more change, you may have discomfort in positions that squeeze your chest and breast and you slowly start realizing the second person who is doing yoga with you. Your belly is growing and with time you need to adjust your positions more and more.

In the third trimester you need to accommodate your belly which may feel like a big balloon on the front of your body. Gentle exercises with the help of cushions and blankets are now right for you.

The most important point about prenatal yoga is that you need to feel good. Take care to drink enough water during the day to avoid hydration and eat your extra calories that you burn during your workout.

Yoga prepares you for Labour and Childbirth

Additionally to keeping you in shape, regular yoga practice during pregnancy prepares you for labour and child birth, both physically and mentally.

Many of the yoga poses listed below open your hips to alleviate the birth when it is time. Your muscles and tissues already get to know the right position during pregnancy. Furthermore there are exercises that help the child get into the right position.

Mentally yoga can help you like no other prenatal exercise. With breathing exercises and meditation you can learn to release stress and pain. Whenever you are afraid or in pain, your body muscles contract. During labour it will be good for you to be relaxed, without fear, and with the breathing and meditation techniques that you get to know through yoga, you can be! It can make the delivery much easier.

Which Yoga Poses to avoid during Pregnancy

Of course every woman is individually different. Some experience morning sickness and some don’t. Some women’s bellies start forming quickly while others see the first changes very late. Also in your yoga practice, everybody can have different experiences but there are some general guidelines that every mom-to-be can follow:

If you do not feel well – be it because of morning sickness or any other reason – do not force yourself to do yoga. Maybe you feel well to do a little or maybe you would rather like to take a walk instead. Be gentle and do not try to do advanced exercises the way you did before. Your body is changing, life is developing, explore your inside and accept your body limits.

With the pregnancy progressing you will notice that your joints and ligaments become more flexible. Due to this you can easily overstretch, so take care to slowly go into the positions and not to stretch until you cannot any further.

Balancing yoga postures are fun and maybe even more when the balance point changes with the increasing weight of your belly. However whatever you do, make sure that you are safe not to fall, especially not on your belly. Use a chair, the wall or any piece of furniture to help you keep your balance.

In all twisting positions like the spinal twist, avoid twisting your abdominal area with your uterus too much and rather turn from your shoulder. Also avoid deep back bends and forward bends after your first trimester.

Something that may seem obvious to some is that you should avoid lying on your belly in the second and third trimester. Also lying on the back for longer periods should be avoided. You can do your relaxation pose in the end also on your side.

And last but not least, do not do very intensive pranayamas that include heavy breathing or holding your breath for a long time. Instead, focus on slow and relaxing breathing techniques.

Yoga after Giving Birth

Of course yoga also helps you when your little baby is already born. Approximately six to eight weeks after delivery doctors usually allow the beginning of workout and physical exercise again if there were no further complications. Please consult your doctor whether you should wait longer. Start slowly and then increase your practice time and intensity. You can have a look at the yoga postures for weight loss if you are concerned about losing your baby fat fast.

We wish you the most wonderful nine months and are sure that with the help of yoga, you will have a relaxed and joyful pregnancy.

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