Singhasana - Lion Pose  

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Singhasana, Lion Pose


Singhasana, Lion Pose

How to perform Singhasana

Sit in Utkatasana with your heels at your buttocks, the heels together and the hands on your knees. Open your knees and bring as much distance in between them as possible.
Place your chin on your thorax and thus make the Jalandhar Bandha.
With open or closed eyes look at the point in between your eyebrows, your third eye. In Sanskrit it is called Bhru Madhya Drishti when you look at your sixth chakra with both eyes.
Stick out your tongue, make it as long as you can and start making the sound of a lion while exhaling forcefully.

Benefits of Singhasana

Singhasana is a good yoga pose to practice balance and to strengthen the muscles of calves, thighs and buttocks.
This yoga posture is recommended in case of breathing problems such as asthma or also when having flu. It is generally good for the lungs and the breathing system.
With this yoga posture you can stop problems of bad breath. Regular practice also improved the eyesight.

Focus Points

Open your mouth widely and stretch your tongue out widely. Concentrate on keeping balance even when your eyes look in between your eyebrows.

Tips and Help for Beginners

If you have difficulty with keeping balance, you can support yourself with your arms or spread the knees a bit less widely apart.


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