sitting yoga postures

Sitting Yoga Poses

In this category you will find a collection of sitting yoga postures. These postures can be done without you standing up or lying down. Consequently you do not necessarily need a mat for these exercises and some of them can be done while sitting on a chair.

Many people know about the great effect of yoga on their body, mind and soul and that is how they would like to do yoga even in small breaks in their office. For exercises that you can do without attracting your colleagues’ attention, you can have a look at our category ‘Yoga at the work Place’.

You can right away start your yoga exercise by going through the sitting postures described below. You will find pictures, videos and detailed descriptions explaining the benefits of all exercises and what you should focus on while in the exercise.

For nearly all sitting yoga postures there is one advice that is quite important: sit straight. Keep your spine straight and your shoulders relaxed. This will already be a good exercise on its own and together with the movement described by the exercise you will get any effect you wish for, be that strength, flexibility or relaxation.

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Cleanse your digestive system and massage your internal organs with this advance Kriya practice. And one extra is that it helps you lose extra be...

Pada Namaskar Asana

Train your legs while sitting in office, in plane or anywhere! A great yoga pose for your ankles and legs!

Padma Trikonasana

Combine the lotus seat and intensive forward bending to this beautiful posture that opens your shoulders and stretches the whole body.

Padmasana - Lotus Pose

Sitting in the Lotus Pose is probably the most popular yoga position for meditation and doing Pranayama.

Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana

A Yoga Pose to stretch your muscles on all sides, to help your digestion and to make you feel good! It activates the second chakra and, in a vari...

Parvatasana - Hill Pose

Breathe through, relax from any tension and help your blood to flow through your body in full strength.

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