standing yoga postures

Standing Yoga Poses

If you feel like doing some yoga, some stretching, something for your muscles, but you are not in the right place to sit, let alone lie down, this collection of standing yoga postures is exactly right for you. Simply look up these yoga postures, have a look at the pictures, watch the videos, follow the descriptions and enjoy!

Yoga in standing can have so many effects and of course one big one is the strengthening of your legs. You can strengthen every muscle from your feet and your calf muscles up to your thigh muscles. Through this strengthening you can of course also get rid of extra fat on thighs and hips.

Stretching yoga postures in standing can help you release tension, for example during a break at work, and help your muscles to relax. Long sitting lets your muscles get stiff and tensed. They need space and want to get exercise and with the yoga postures you give them all they need!

So get up and enjoy!

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Ardha Chakrasana - Half Whe...

Beneficial posture for women and against gynecological problems but also helping against asthma, digestion problems and extra belly fat.

Ardha Uttanasana

Balancing in this pose is not as easy as it looks! Try it and thus work out your leg muscles, back muscles and stretch your neck!


A pose and its advanced variation for flexibility, supporting your lungs and strengthening your leg. Kids love this pose, too!

Eka Pada Santulan - One Leg...

Easy but very effective exercise for shaping your thighs and buttocks, practicing balance and strengthening your lower back.

Jala Basti - Water Enema

Cleansing your colon in this way has an enourmous range of benefits for your intestines, your organs and your complete system. Even your skin and...

Jala Neti

Cleanse your nose, sinuses and nasal cavity by running water from one nostril to the other. Feels great and gets rid of extra mucus!

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