yoga for aagya chakra

Yoga for sixth Chakra

yoga is designed to benefit body, mind and soul and with this yoga of course also has influence on the seven energy centers of the body, the chakras. Certain yoga postures stimulate the energy of these energy centers and thus affect your health and well-being.

The sixth chakra is the Aagya Chakra located in between your eyebrows on your third eye. It is the center of our intuition and responsible for our concentration, self-control and a sharp mind.

Stimulate your Aagya Chakra with physical exercises as well as meditation and Pranayama to activate the energy of the sixth chakra.

Yoga helps you to sort out any problems and difficulties that you create yourself with your mind like depression, loss of concentration and many mental illnesses. The yoga postures and exercises described below will ‘tidy up’ in your mind so that you can think clearly and also can allow your intuition to play a bigger role in your life and in making decisions.

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Jala Neti

Cleanse your nose, sinuses and nasal cavity by running water from one nostril to the other. Feels great and gets rid of extra mucus!

Nadi Shodhana Pranayama

Get rid of stress, pressure and even stress-related migraine simply by breathing in this way. Great for heart, lungs and your complete body.

Sukhasana - Sit Easy Pose

A yoga pose helping to relief stress and experiencing peaceful moments in meditation and breathing practice.


Learn this Kriya in order to improve your eyesight, reduce myopia and other problems, and at the same increase your power to focus and concentrat...

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