yoga for anahat chakra

Yoga for fourth Chakra

Different yoga postures have effect on the different chakras. The physical postures stimulate the chakra energy and in meditation and Pranayama you can focus on how this energy distributes and moves in your body.

The fourth chakra or Anahat Chakra is located on your heart. It is also called the heart chakra and of course it is related with love and loving emotion. Every issue regarding our relationship, partnership, marriage or love relation is related to our heart chakra. With the yoga poses below you can work on opening your heart chakra to let emotions flow and to express them without suppression. Whenever we suppress them, we create blockages that are expressed also in physical ailments.

Practice the yoga poses below to stimulate the energy of the heart chakra. You will realize soon how you open your heart for new emotions, how you feel more and how you allow your feelings more into your life. You find respect and acceptance for yourself and your own feelings.

Yoga brings you into the love. Try it, you will not be disappointed!

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Adho Mukha Svanasana

Get relief from stress, give a nice stretch to your body and relax your upper back and neck muscles. Stretch yourself like a dog!

Anjaneyasana - Crescent Moo...

Go down into a low lunge and open your chest and lungs. A pose good for heart, lungs and of course your legs. Stimulates the Anahat Chakra.

Anuloma Viloma Pranayama

Prepare yourself for meditation or meditate already while doing this exercise. A powerful breathing technique that clears the body of toxins as w...

Baddha Padmasana - Locked L...

Padmasana not enough for you? Try Baddha Padmasana for the maximum stretch and flexibility of legs and arms! And in this advanced pose there is a...

Balasana - Child-s Pose

Relax completely in between poses of your yoga practice or simply during your normal day. Good for blood pressure, hyperactivity, bipolar and muc...

Bhujangasana - Cobra Pose

Great pose against constipation, menstruation pain, stress, fatigue and much more! Help your digestion, get fitter and in great shape!

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