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Balancing Yoga Poses

The usual picture that people have in mind for someone doing yoga is simply a person twisting his legs and arms into a pretzel-like position. Most people who never tried yoga for themselves are oblivious to the fact that yoga gives you the best balance training that you can ask for.

Yoga for balance offers you yoga poses that teach you how to keep your full body weight on one leg, on the tip of the feet, on your hands and arms or even on your head!

If you always wanted to practice balancing yoga poses but never knew how, you can start with those yoga positions listed below. But please remember to warm up before you start with these poses as you need your muscles to be warm and flexible to hold you up. Also, if you are not secure, please place a blanket in front of you so that you don’t hurt yourself if you should fall.

Enjoy practicing these poses – they are definitely very impressive once you have mastered them!

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Practice this yoga exercise to tone your legs and make your hips more flexible. Digestion improves, the first chakra is activated and you feel mo...

Anjaneyasana - Crescent Moo...

Go down into a low lunge and open your chest and lungs. A pose good for heart, lungs and of course your legs. Stimulates the Anahat Chakra.

Ardha Sirsasana - Half Head...

The exercise before you go into the complete head stand. Beneficial for your brain, eyes, ears and even against hair fall!

Ardha Uttanasana

Balancing in this pose is not as easy as it looks! Try it and thus work out your leg muscles, back muscles and stretch your neck!

Bakasana - Crow or Crane

Strengthen your arms, necks, shoulders and your whole upper body while gaining more and more balance. A fun pose with many benefits.

Dwi Pada Sirsasana

Stimulate your third chakra, activate your blood flow, stimulate your digestive system and look enormously flexible!

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