yoga for beginners

Yoga for Beginners

Is this going to be your first yoga experience? If you are looking to find yoga for beginners online, you are now at the right spot! Many people ask if yoga can be done only by those who are flexible and others belief that they are already too old to begin with yoga practice. However yoga is for everybody, men and women of all ages and all levels of flexibility, and it is never too late to start!

One of the beautiful facts about yoga is that already the very basic yoga poses have an amazing effect on body, mind and soul. Below you will find easy yoga positions for beginners with which you can start your practice. They are simple sitting positions, forward and backward bending positions and also some breathing techniques.

Yoga for beginners is especially for those who do not have any previous experience with yoga but can of course also be a good resource for those who want to get back into yoga after a long break.

General Advice for Yoga Beginners

Do not do yoga after eating. You should perform yoga postures on a surface on which you don’t slip, which is why most people like to practice yoga on yoga mats. Wear comfortable and lose clothes in which you can move without restrictions and which do not keep you from breathing deeply.

Please remember, also in these easy yoga postures, that perfection comes with practice and that everybody, even the biggest yoga master, has some day started with exactly these basic yoga exercises. He, too, did not get very far on his first day of exercise! If you practice yoga regularly you will each time get a little bit closer to your goal.

Begin by practicing for a short time, maybe for ten to fifteen minutes. In the next session you increase a bit more, then a bit more until you do about one hour per day. Daily practice is best but of course you can do regular practice also each second day or in bigger distances.

Do not cross your limits and listen to your body! Relax in between the postures and remember that yoga is supposed to be fun! Whether you do it alone or in a group, enjoy what you are doing! You will feel the difference pretty quickly, it just changes the quality of your life.

Start with a Yoga retreat in India

If you feel that the descriptions of text and the video is not really enough to help you start your yoga practice, you can make a holiday in India and do a Yoga Retreat for Beginners - in daily yoga sessions you get to know the basics and get a solid practice that you can continue at home!

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