yoga for bipolar

Yoga for Bipolar

People suffering from bipolar disorder experience extreme happiness and joy in one moment which can only little later change to a deeply depressed feeling without any obvious reason. They have extreme mood swings which they themselves seem to be unable to control. Bipolar disorder is generally treated with medication such as antidepressant drugs and more.

Treatment of Bipolar Disorder without Drugs

There is however also another way to cope with bipolar disorder without putting drugs into your body that after some time anyway lose their effectiveness. yoga can help you overcome your problems!

Yoga for bipolar disorder specializes on individual treatment. The first benefit that you will get from yoga practice is that you will get aware and conscious of your body. You will be better able to realize when your mood changes, when your body gives you signals in one or the other direction, into a positive or negative mood.

Below you will find poses of two kinds of yoga poses: activating, stimulating yoga postures and calming, relaxing yoga poses. You realize which mood you are in and in the time of your exercise can do postures that are working for this mood.

If you keep up your practice, you will realize that you will also have long-term effects of yoga for bipolar. Your emotions will stay more steady, you will have a more constant level of emotions, satisfied and content without extreme swings to depression or happiness. Especially breathing exercises and meditation will help you in this.

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