yoga for blood pressure

Yoga for Blood Pressure

Those who have never suffered from high or low blood pressure may not be able to understand the full extent of this problem and why it is so necessary to raise or lower blood pressure back to a normal level.

Unfortunately even those people who know that they have high blood pressure disregard the necessity of doing physical exercise and yoga. A general belief is that by eating less salt, high blood pressure and hypertension can be relieved but really help can only be provided with regular physical activity such as daily yoga practice and additionally a general change of lifestyle.

Hypertension and high blood pressure has a lot to do with stress, anger control and your eating habits. Yoga offers you a way to feel good in your body without any special diet with which you force yourself to eat things that you don’t like and without discomfort. On the contrary, yoga helps you to feel comfortable with your body, it helps you lose weight and deal better with stress as well as control your anger.

Through breathing and meditation stress and stressing feelings such as worries and anger can be reduced which will automatically lower your blood pressure. It is thus not wrong to say that yoga can prevent strokes, heart disease and heart attacks. You are safe and well when you are relaxed and yoga relaxes body, mind and soul!

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Adho Mukha Svanasana

Get relief from stress, give a nice stretch to your body and relax your upper back and neck muscles. Stretch yourself like a dog!

Anuloma Viloma Pranayama

Prepare yourself for meditation or meditate already while doing this exercise. A powerful breathing technique that clears the body of toxins as w...

Ardha Chakrasana - Half Whe...

Beneficial posture for women and against gynecological problems but also helping against asthma, digestion problems and extra belly fat.

Ardha Sirsasana - Half Head...

The exercise before you go into the complete head stand. Beneficial for your brain, eyes, ears and even against hair fall!

Balasana - Child-s Pose

Relax completely in between poses of your yoga practice or simply during your normal day. Good for blood pressure, hyperactivity, bipolar and muc...

Dirgha Pranayama - Full Yog...

No stress, no migraines, no hyperactivity and no high blood pressure - just calmness and peace. Try deep breathing!

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