yoga for diabetes

Yoga for Diabetes

diabetes is one of the leading causes of death not only in the United States but in many more countries where bad eating habits created problems of obesity and high blood pressure.

What is Diabetes?


Diabetes occurs when the body does not produce or properly use insulin, the hormone that regulates the sugar level in the blood. When all body functions work properly, your pancreas produces insulin which then converts the sugar that you eat and which is in your blood in the form of glucose into energy. Insulin thus helps you to be fit and also enhances memory and learning power.

Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2

If the pancreas cannot produce insulin, be it because of a genetic tendency or a viral infection that caused an autoimmune disorder, it is called diabetes type 1. Sugar cannot be converted into energy and the body uses fat for getting energy which can lead to rapid weight loss as well as exhaustion and fatigue. Insulin shots have to be taken in order for the cells to distribute insulin in the body and prevent too high blood sugar levels.

Diabetes type 2 is more common and it called the twin disease of obesity. While diabetes type 1 is mostly diagnosed for children and teenagers, diabetes type 2 occurs at any age. It can be hereditary but it is also often caused by too much stress or by excessive fat in the body. The pancreas produces less insulin and the cells seem to be too lazy to use it – commonly this is then called insulin resistance. Frequent urination, thirst and hunger are the consequences.

Treatment of Diabetes

Both types of diabetes can cause serious complications in the body. Diabetes patients need to take care of keeping their blood sugar level normal. While food raises the glucose in blood, alcohol makes the sugar levels fall. Together with insulin shots and the care of proper nutrition and diet, regular exercise is very much recommended.

Especially people suffering from diabetes type 2 can get relief from their problems. Of course weight loss is one of the first goals. After that, remaining at a healthy weight level is important and yoga for diabetes is just the right practice to help you. Below you will find selected exercises that help you with all physical aspects. If your problem is that your pancreas has stopped working properly, you can regarin full functionality of the pancreas by performing the correct yoga poses. Whenever we forget doing physical exercise, our body reduces its functions. If you are overweight and do not move your body, your cells do not use the insulin properly anymore. When we get lazy, our body functions do, too. Yoga is the ideal exercise for diabetes as you can start it at home and slowly in the beginning without much effort.

As yoga concerns body, mind and soul it also helps you to better feel and be aware of your body. You will gain awareness of your blood sugar level simply by feeling into your body. You increase the awareness of when you should eat and when you should better reduce your sugar intake. Yoga and meditation simply help you to regain balance and the feeling for your body.

Yoga helps to a healthy lifestyle, a healthy intake of sugar and a life easier and lighter than ever before!

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