yoga for digestive system

Yoga for Digestion and Bloated Stomach

One fact about yoga that many people do not know about is that yoga works wonders for digestion and any issue related with it. Whether you are looking for yoga for constipation or for help against irritable bowel syndrome, you can find out here, which yoga postures have which effect. Put together your individual sequence of yoga poses and get relief from digestive problems.

Yoga for Constipation, Stomach Bloating and other Common Digestion Problems

If you have stomach pain and gas in your belly that makes you feel bloated like a balloon filled with air, if you have abdominal pain because of this, there is one simple thing that you can try: move. Your digestion obviously needs help to get rid of the gases that are stuck in it. Move your bowels and try the lying yoga poses described below which will give you relief instantly. If exercised regularly and with a change in diet you can get rid of bloated stomach pain!

Yoga has been a popular treatment to alleviate problems with irritable bowel syndrome. With its soothing effect on body and mind it can prevent pain, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. Yoga strengthens your whole system and helps you to remain calm and not to give the stimulus to your body that causes pain and above mentioned digestion problems.

In general, there are always two ways to help your digestion function properly: the right diet and sufficient physical exercise. Yoga can very well take care of the second part of this equation. Create your own yoga training sequence with the postures below and you will realize soon that yoga helps your body in every way possible.

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Moola Shodhan - Ganesha Kri...

Clean you rectum the yogic way with this Kriya and get rid of waste that is stuck in your system creating problems of gas and constipation.

Naukasana - Boat Pose

Strengthening the body – and losing some weight and belly fat on the way!


Cleanse your digestive system and massage your internal organs with this advance Kriya practice. And one extra is that it helps you lose extra be...


If you really want to build your belly muscles and maybe even create a nice six pack, this yoga exercise is exactly right! Lower, middle and uppe...

Padma Trikonasana

Combine the lotus seat and intensive forward bending to this beautiful posture that opens your shoulders and stretches the whole body.

Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana

A Yoga Pose to stretch your muscles on all sides, to help your digestion and to make you feel good! It activates the second chakra and, in a vari...

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