yoga for eyes

Yoga for Eyes

Those who are not very familiar with yoga may wonder now how yoga can help your eyes. Yoga however is more than only flexibility and gymnastics. Of course your eyes may not benefit very much if you are able to cross your legs behind your head but in yoga you will also find many exercises which are specifically meant for your eyes.

Common Reason for Eye Problems – Overstrain and Inertia

One reason why especially these days more and more people complain about bad eyesight and the need for glasses or contact lenses is surely the increased time that we spend in front of a computer or a TV screen. Our eyes have to work hard to take in the continuously changing information and with this much input they get tired. You may feel this after a long time of work at the screen. You stare and do not move your eyes while they constantly get new information.

This can lead to burning of the eyes, to a discharge of tear fluid and on the long run to a deterioration of eyesight and myopia or short-sightedness.

Eye Exercises - Improve Eyesight and Prevent it from Deteriorating

You can prevent the most common eye problems very easily by simply taking a break from time to time and performing the eye yoga exercises listed below. You will find clear instructions that will lead you step by step to relaxed eyes and, if practiced regularly, to an improved eyesight. Even problems of myopia (short-sightedness) and hyperopia (far-sightedness) can be relieved. You will feel how you see clearer, even if objects are close by or in far distance.

Of course eye exercises are also said to be beneficial for your eyes if you suffer from glaucoma or eye cataract. Irritation, pain and discharge of water can be reduced.

Physical Exercises - Helping your Eyes to See

There are however also physical yoga postures that help you improve your eyesight and prevent eye disorders and diseases. These yoga poses improve the administration of oxygen in the area of the eyes and the circulation of blood and thus oxygen in the whole head.

When to do Eye Exercises

As mentioned above, yoga exercises for the eye are good if they are performed regularly. In mornings, the exercises help in preparing your eyes for a day full of information and in the evening you relax them from all this input. You can do them once, twice or three times a day at fixed times or you can just do them whenever you have a break of ten minutes. Give your eyes time to relax, recover and gain new energy for giving you new insights.

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