yoga for hyperactivity

Yoga for Hyperactivity

yoga for hyperactivity

Unfortunately hyperactivity especially among children has rapidly increased in the last years and more and more doctors diagnose ‘ADD’ and ‘ADHD’, attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. While it remains a problem of childhood and teenage time for some, others suffer from these disorders as adults, too.

Symptoms of Hyperactivity

Of course the biggest problem for people suffering from hyperactivity is that they cannot concentrate. Hyperactivity bring difficulties with sitting still, it is hard to impossible to focus on one task, you are constantly fidgeting and need to move your body to release the excessive energy that it produces.

This poses big problems especially for children. While their intelligence is normal, even with a tendency to high intelligence, their marks in school do not reflect this because they cannot concentrate long enough on one subject. It is known however that creative classes and sports give some rest and relaxation to their minds.

People diagnosed as hyperactive have problems with organization and structure as they are continuously distracted by things they hear, see, smell or feel.

Yoga for Hyperactivity and ADHD

Yoga for hyperactivity helps children as well as adults with this problem. The breathing exercises and meditations as well as the yoga poses help to be more aware of the own body. People suffering from ADHD tend to be aware of everything around them but not of their own self. The yoga postures described below give them the possibility to feel their own body again and to focus on their inside instead of being distracted by impulses from the outside.

If you would like to practice yoga at home against your hyperactive, you are best advised to make yourself a sequence of the yoga postures given below and repeat this sequence daily. Your help your body get used to the sequence of one posture after the other. Begin or end with Pranayama and meditation and slowly increase your time of practice. It will take some time as it is a longer process towards concentration but you will see, it helps you in all levels of your life!

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