yoga for insomnia

Yoga for Insomnia

insomnia is unfortunately one of the problems that have increased along with the increasing amount of input that our brain has to work with during the day.

Symptoms of Insomnia

The symptoms of insomnia or sleep apnea are clear: you lie around in your bed, close your eyes and open them again, roll around to the side and back again. You don’t seem to find the right sleeping pose and when you think you have found it, you just do not fall asleep. Whenever it happens that you do fall asleep for some time, you wake up not shortly after and have trouble getting back to sleep. In the morning, when it is time to get up, you feel as if you could finally sleep now. You are tired, exhausted and not at all rested throughout the day. However, whenever you are allowed to sleep, you cannot.

Causes of Insomnia

The symptoms for insomnia thus are clear. The reasons for insomnia however vary greatly. The most common and most known cause for insomnia is stress. If you believe that you have a lot of stress in your life, look at the category yoga for stress management to release stress and find back to normal sleeping habits.

There can however be a variety of reasons for sleep apnea or insomnia. Apart from stress there are depression, worries, missing exercise, bad eating habits, intake of caffeine and alcohol and side effects of medications. Many of these causes can be removed by changing one’s habits and if you still have sleeping problems, yoga can help you to finally get rest.

Treatment of Insomnia – Yoga for Sleep Apnea

Insomnia relief is not miracle healing but has a lot to do with changing your daily habits and including yoga practice into your routine. You can stop insomnia and sleeping disorders by going to bed daily at about the same time, taking care not to drink caffeine or alcohol before going to bed and also to eat at least three hours before you go to bed.

Most importantly you should include regular yoga practice into your day. Daily one hour of yoga in the morning will bring energy to your body when you are tired. In the evenings you will realize that this extra movement added some tiredness and helps you to go to bed on time and sleep. If one hour in the morning is not enough, do some more in the evening but do it at least three to four hours before you sleep and not after eating.

The yoga postures below will help you fall asleep easily in night time. Additionally you can include breathing and meditations into your practice which will help you actively to relax. Take a deep breath and watch your breathing and your heartbeat, how it gets slower and relaxed. You can also try some of the easy yoga poses in bed if you again lie in bed and cannot get sleep.

Have a good rest and sleep well!

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